We get to see Tommy Sr., plus other 4th season thoughts

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We get to see Tommy Sr., plus other 4th season thoughts

Post by dtf955 » Mon Nov 05, 2018 4:25 pm

Adding to my thoughts from the earlier thread on season 35 which is tarted last December...

This imdb page for episode one shows someone will appear in a flashback as Tommy Sr. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7943010/?ref_=ttep_ep_cur We all love mention of Michelle but really, this was a close second for me and I imagine many others.

Hmmm, I just clicked on "Full Cast" and a stunt double is listed for Jodie Sweetin. What will Stephanie be *doing*?

Then again, maybe it's just someone looking pregn-oops, it's Stephanie's baby but Kimmy's the one pregnant.

This will not be the last time I do that, I'm sure. I'm literal enough I may do it while watching one of the episodes. :-)

I had thought that they'd have it taking place after the birth but this makes more sense in a way. They don't have to just have someone as the baby and change if need be. Season 4 will take place from Christmas ("Oh, my Santa!" is the first episode) to I'd guess May or Jun of 2018. If there's a season 5 they have time to find a baby to cast who would play a one-year old with it taking place in summer and fall.

This shows just how hard it it was to film and air an episdoe once a week. It is a lot easier when you plan for things.

Oh, boy, that means Danny, Jesse, Becky, and Joey will all be there. But, they won't all necessarily live in the same house. Er...not the same hosue as the Fullers, that is. I could see them all renting the same house.

Do you realize how outlandish housing prices are in San Francisco? But, they hve to all have a place by Christmas, it's over a month after the last episode. Don't they?

Oh, no. Joey will be watching his kids. Anyone suddenly longing for Rusty? Of course, one of the boys pulled one of his tricks, so we've had something like that, but still...

I love how they hearken back to the original series. Becky was the only one pregnant on the show that we saw during that time, I wonder if there will be anything like that. And, what will the gender reveal be like? Those weren't a big thing in the early '90s, and I loved the subtle yet surprising way it was done - and Jesse's reaction.

Whatever Kimmy does, it won't be subtle. One picture shows her with a half blue, half pink dress. this will be quite interesting. I'm guessing girl only becasue there are already 3 boys and just one girl, Ramona. Of course, if youy count Jesse and Becky's girl, another girl also gives you a chance to hve a Brady Bunch reference or two. Except D.J.s the one with 3 boys of her own. Just like Danny's joke about being the one with 3 girls back when he started dating Rusty's mom, Cindy.

Three. And there were three viable eggs left. (Slow look of horror dawning) No, Kimmy wouldn't have...

...Okay, maybe Kimmy would. But are the writers really that crazy? After all, the number of triplets born each year is so low, and even figuring that they don't have to look *totally* like Stephanie, they'd have to a little, and to find ones who would be willing to act a bit, and...no. They wouldn't. They... tney couldn't.

But the fear will be there for a moment. That may be part of that gender reveal party, the fear that Stephanie will have triplets. I can see some comedy gold out of that.

Does Stephanie plan on just raising this kid with the help of others? It just seems odd to me that they wouldn't at least talk about it. But, then again, she is the Uncle Jesse of the trio, and if she's in a rush to have kids, it does make sense that she would do that first and think about whether she wants to commit to a marriage with Jimmy or not. He would be a rather odd spouse and while they seem close, marriage is a very big commitment. So, my guess is they'll talk about it but not have a huge resolution there.

Danny and Vicki, on the other hand, while they won't be getting married that fast, will probbly be drawing closer together. Vicki is a year older than him, in fact, which means she's close to retirement age, I would think.

Back to Tomy, Sr. to end this, I wonder how long the flashback with him is. I hope several minutes at least. We kind of get the feel for what Pam was like when they talked in a few episodes, especially when Danny said which of her characteristics each girl had. But, we don't quite know with Tommy Sr.. I am really excited to see this - and the whole season.

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Re: We get to see Tommy Sr., plus other 4th season thoughts

Post by ILoveFullHouse » Mon Nov 05, 2018 8:45 pm

It's great that we're going to see Tommy Sr.! I'm sure that will be a very emotional flashback.
I don't think that Kimmy will give birth to triplets. On the other hand, it would be very funny. :mrgreen:
I can imagine Steph and Jimmy marrying. Also Danny and Vicki. But I'm not sure that both marriages will happen in this season.
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Re: We get to see Tommy Sr., plus other 4th season thoughts

Post by dtf955 » Mon Dec 03, 2018 8:54 pm

One more thought I had early this morning. If IMDb is right - and as a friend pointed out they don't get everything perfect - and there is a flashback with Tommy Sr., everyone would be a few years younger at least. Go back far enough.... (Though it's not the tradition it was years ago, like not mentioning a no-hitter while it is occurring I am not going to jinx it by saying who could be in a flashback. :-) Besides, if the first episode is around Christmas they can just say everyone was home at Thanksgiving.)

A few other episode names are on IMDb, we don't know any info about them but we do know that Matt is in at least one episode.

Steve said something about quitting in the trailer. This presumably means that job with the Lakers if I remember correctly. There is another trick, I will have to keep reminding myself that it is last season and therefore not the Laker team with LeBron added.

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Re: We get to see Tommy Sr., plus other 4th season thoughts

Post by Owlnut 1974 » Mon Dec 10, 2018 12:19 am

I saw his picture. Reminded me of Matt a little bit. Might explain DJ's attraction to him.

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