Season 5 part 1, SPOILERS

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Season 5 part 1, SPOILERS

Post by dtf955 » Fri Dec 06, 2019 7:01 pm

The writers did a great job. I'll explain so you have to scroll down a bit to see the bigger spoilers, and thus won't accidentally read them.

There were some very good comedy and cool storylines. Their arithmetic... not so much.

I mean, it's nothing awful. It's just... when you were in grade school, did you ever have anyone trick you with the joke "I have 11 fingers" and prove it by counting "1, 2, 3, 4, 5" on one hand and then counting backwards on the other, "10, 9, 8, 7, 6"? I did. And, that's the kind of thing they got tricked by.

Several times they say it's been 5 years or 5 years ago, when this is the 5th season so it's been only 4 years from Steph moving back in to help to when she has her... I mean, Kimmy has her baby - 3 if season 1 was in 2016. (Possible, I forget which I figured it was.) So, it's just like that joke from grade school, where you count and think that must be the number.

I don't know if that totally explains D.J.'s 40th birthday, nor do I think the episode could have taken place in 2017. Funny thing is, someone in that episode says D.J. doesn't look a day over 42 - which is the age she would be in February of 2019. So, in a way, they do acknowledge that yes, she's actually 42, but... well, Kimmy could have easily gotten her toi play along, so that's fine, I guess.

Yeah, always nice to have Gibbler weirdness to blame. In fact, Ramona makes it a verb during Gibbler game night, a tradition unlike any other. Which is a good thing. :-)

I think there's been enough scrolling anyone who who came down this far would be okay with knowing that 2 very important people in Steph's life are part of the new name. It was really sweet how she decided on it.

Steph writes a song with the baby, too, which she then performs for someone and it leads to what could be big things, we'll see. Again, it's kind of iffy on if she's written before, but she remarks about any songs that did well coming from her heart. My guess is she had never performed her own but had written enough to help her have enough money since, as noted way back when, she'd need to have done something besides just be a deejay to travel like she did.

Steve, Jimmy, and Fernando in business together. Nah, I won't spoil that, I'll let anyone who hasn't seen guess. But with Steve part of it, maybe it's too obvious.

The reopening shows how incredibly different the world is compared to when the Smash Club reopened in 1993. It was great to look at how the two compared.

Eventually, there are 3 engagements and a triple wedding is planned - but one is not Danny and Vicki, sorry.

Gia has had 4 husbands now - nice to see the continuity that Matt's growing into a good father figure who honestly tries to open to to Rocki and bond with her, which the other stepdads didn't. In fact, she never even took time to learn their last names. Yep, that's Gia all right.

It's great to see the comedy of "Fuller House" kids struggling with social media again - this time Ramona likes someone's Instragram post from 9-10 years ago.Jackson's attempt to cover it up/explain it so the person doesn't think Ramona is weird is hilarious, had me laughing out loud.

Danny's joke about "having 3 daughters agin" doesn't mean Michelle's totally out of the picture - it's like Danny to feel like they're not his if they're not there (he feels really unneeded in the first episode as it is). Plus, "My Three Sons' stayed the smae name even when the dad adopted and the oldest moved out.

lol, they've gone from "Three Men and a Baby" to "M Three Daughters." :-)

SPeaking of which, nice to see Tommy Jr.'s "I'm the baby" comment when Steph brings her baby home. I think that's just what Michelle said in one episode where the guys have another one to take care of for the evening or weekend.

Michelle's Rigby the Rhino is found int he attic along with other thigns from "FUll House" - fun to see the attic above the apartment; which is there in canon (Danny's cleaning it out and having a garage sale I think toward the end of season 4 of "Full House.") And the lampshading (I think that's the term) of "Full House" with "8 years of home videos" which are "like a TV series" was great! Them wondering how Max knows about Rigby doesn't mean he hasn't had contact with Michelle; just that she doesn't really talk about her stuffed animals when they're together. I wonder how many people know their parents' favorite stuffed animals, let alone those of an aunt who lives thousands of miles away.

Thoughts on SEason5, part 2...

A triple wedding will be interesting, there's 2 Tanners (come on, you knew when you read the above comment Steph and D.J. would be 2 of them) and 2 Gibblers (Jimmy and Kimmy). What will the style be? And will it be in a fabulous place nearby, a resort in Mazatlan, or the International Space Station? (I... hope I don't have to tell you Kimmy thought of the space station.)

With 3 at once, except for the ceremony itself they almost *could* pull off a "Michelle there but always off screen" - even with just D.J. and steph planning they could if the bridal showers were at different times.

Question - how in the world do you pull off a triple wedding when two of your brides' maids are also marrying, with 1 the Maif of Honor? A problem all 3 have as by now Steph and Kimmy would have each other as Maids of Honor.

Do we get to see the Gibber parents?

For that matter, we've never met any of Steve's family, have we?

Wait, do the brides all come down the aisle at once? Does Danny have D.J. and Stephanie both arm in arm?

The finale will be interesting, but so will the planning, which could take a while. Just finding a place big enough for 500-1,000 potentially.

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Re: Season 5 part 1, SPOILERS

Post by ILoveFullHouse » Sat Dec 07, 2019 9:01 pm

I think season 1 took place in 2015, but I’m not sure. DJ celebrating her 40th birthday really doesn’t make sense.
The references to Full House and Michelle in episode 1 have been nice and funny. And Danielle „Danny“ Joe „Joey“ (DJ) Tanner as the name for Steph’s baby was a really funny and nice idea! :)
Max and Tommy have grown up! :shock: :)
I was happy to see Rocky and Gia again. They are really funny. Also I like Ramona’s boyfriend Ethan. :)
Your Kids On The Block was funny. And the last episode (for now) was surreal, but wonderful! :D :)
Also this season-half had some notable guest stars. Personally I was very happy to see Fred Grandy (The Love Boat). :)
It was a great season-half and I hope, the last nine episodes are great as well. :)

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Re: Season 5 part 1, SPOILERS

Post by Mr. Woodchuck » Thu Dec 26, 2019 1:56 pm

Tommy had literally no role in this besides just being there. It's a bit depressing.

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