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General review, comment on different universes, even a heart to heart talk with a group hug at the end

Posted: Sat Feb 27, 2016 7:20 pm
by dtf955
I don't know if you've had a chance to see it on Netflix, if not I'll avoid spoilers, and just say a couple general things - one piggybacks onto what I said about one book being a NetU one and thus the reason Michelle gets into fashion, the other's info on a character that need not even be true in the TVU, let alone BU, though it could be.

After watching the seasons - hopefully one of many - of Fuller House, I wanted to make a variety of comments related to NetU, plus a few on the TV Universe, Book Universe, etc.

The adults’ futures 20 years after Full House all seemed quite plausible. There won't be a need for a change to the Wake Up San Francisco part in the TVU part of the Chronology because one doesn't have a reunion show only a few months after a show ends. So, the history part - which mirrored Morning Exchange in Cleveland - can certainly remain from the TVU. One difference in the Chronology is Jesse and Becky having no more kids, but since the compromise was made that they would adopt any future kids, and not have their own, that’s fine. In NetU Denise's family or one of Michelle's book friends' can adopt the ones mentioned in the Chronology. The butterfly effect can easily alter both chance meetings and interests. (Joey is presumably married, but I didn’t see anything about a spouse; to keep things consistent in what’ll be shown to be a changed universe because of D.J. & Steve not going out after the prom, he just doesn’t meet his wife from the Book Unvierse.)

Now, to the main characters. Except for one thing I loved the show and it was perfect. So, here’s two paragraphs’ heart to heart about how I thought they overdid the mentions and use of alcohol, and if you want you can just skip to the group hug and the positive stuff.

I’m concerned by society in general not realizing that one can have a good time without alcohol. On one hand, everyone is responsible, nobody drives drunk, and in a few places (“I plead the fifth tequila”) it’s used for comic effect. It can also be said that it was all done over a few weeks and it wouldn’t happen after that; they loosened D.J. up and it’s like when Danny was depressed and didn’t clean for a few months. Finally, one could argue that the book universe and even TV universe where Steve and DJ marry - more about that soon - they don’t use alcohol and this is still one where they are very responsible. That could even be said of Stephanie and her partying. Even in that funny story she tells of waking up 3 days later in Cambodia, it could easily be that they just went there on an elephant. Think about it. “We drove all night and all day. We didn't have a plan. Three days later, we were suddenly in Alaska.” Same difference.

However, I think it should have been toned down. A few jokes and sights are fine. However, alcohol is not necessary for a good time. I can tell from firsthand experience that one can get very silly without it, and on “Full House” the Tanners know this. And, that's not even getting into the fact their mom died because of a drunk driver. That is the main thing that we have keeping them from drinking in the book universe, and while it's very likely that - especially DJ - never drink to get drunk in the NetU, the number of bottles you saw at various parties and such could have been much less..

However, I still love the show and hope they go on with new seasons.

Ok, group hug! Now we've made it better and we can get on with the great stuff. And there was a lot. There are also some interesting side notes.

I loved all the characters. They were entertaining and very well done, enjoyable and realistic.

I was struck by how much nostalgia there was not only in the first episode but in other ones. The end of the fire truck episode with them sitting down to watch home movies just like at the end of Goodbye Mr Bear, the diaper changing problems that were different from the original yet still very funny (a cell phone caused in a baby’s diaper), the cow in the kitchen being hilarious and also avoiding the temptation to have someone walk in and shout “There’s a cow in the kitchen” like with the car, and so many more. Kimmy is more quirky than dumb but still has her moments. (“Macy gray…I love your parade.” The look on Macy Gray’s face when Kimmy said that was great, too.)

Kimmy's and Fernando's relationship seemed like something she’d fall into because, well, she's Kimmy. Apparently she got pregnant before marrying him but I didn't mind as much because it is in her character to not think ahead. They tried to make it work, and apparently did for a while. But, perhaps only because he was gone on the racing circuit. It's a little uncertain who seduced who more. Let's just say that Ramona is right, they are crazy, but that's why we love them. The lines about if remarrying doesn’t work they can’t divorce and if that doesn’t work they can marry again were hilarious, too.

The amount of trouble Jackson got in was not too bad - he was probably still grieving his dad and all the changes, and the show doesn't occur over a long stretch of time. He is overall a kid with a very good heart and that's what's important. Some of tht wildness is just his being a boy, some get into more than girls, especially the wrestling stuff with his Kimmy Gibbler. Max was awesome, and I'm glad to see that they have a catch phrase for him as well, Holy Chalupas. Hard to say where it comes from. Just like Oh My Lanta, likely it's one of those things that kids say that gets a big laugh so they keep saying it till it becomes a catchphrase that everyone in the family uses. Just like normal for regular families, other people clearly used each other's.

Speaking of realism, this dovetails nicely into the Net Universe and time, place, etc.

It happens from June through early October(really hot in one ep. Means early fall, not witner, plus other things.). This means 13 episodes took place within about 4 months, which is actually normal. The first 2 are before school starts in mid-August out in California. So, the other 11 happen over 6-8 weeks. You may think this is a bit condensed but it's actually been done. Since Jesse and Becky's anniversary is Valentines Day, the season 6 finale took place around California’s week vacation in February. Only episodes which must come after occurred later, others were before. Only three of episodes 13-24 had to come after, meaning 9 happened in a 5-week period, including six in about a 10 day span with a couple in the week between most of Silence is not Golden and the part at the end where Steph learns what happened to Charles. (See the Chronology for more.) These writers are great at that!

So, why didn't they renew their vows on their anniversary? Simple. Tommy Fuller had passed away only months before and things were very hectic. They wanted to focus on D.J.. Then there were potential new jobs, so it just didn't happen at the exact time. Jesse and, in another ep., Becky said 28 years of marriage, but that can easily be a family joke that rose out of a mistake, somewhere. Many families have those, ours is “Look for D street.” We got lost driving in D.C. on vacation when I was growing up. We searched for two hours for the motel and D Street, found D Street a couple times and saw the motel a couple times but couldn't get to it. Now, looking for D Street has become a catch phrase used in cities with no street names that or even other times. If you didn't know that and suddenly heard one of us say to do that, you would wonder what was going on. In the same way, a lot of things people say can be taken as jokes and, if it clashes with continuity, if possible should be taken as a joke to avoid confusion.

If you're wondering about how Michelle and Mary Kate and Ashley (yep, that’s one poiler) can all exist in the same universe, it’s not that complicated, believe it or not. And it's all because of a Michelle book. - not all books are book universe. TV Unvierse ones are so because characters are closer to TV personality or the calendar prevents them from being Book Universe.

Both apply to “Full House Michelle. My Best Friend is a Movie Star.” In brief, Michelle is at the beach with Danny and meets a girl who turns out to star in movies. Danny knows this but she doesn't - they are movies for adults (so PG-13,etc.). Michelle plans a party for her not realizing the girl would not want treated as a movie star but as a normal kid. They make up and stay friends and, plan to stay in contact. It’s a chance meeting that wouldn't happen in Book Universe and need not happen in the TV universe where DJ and Steve might be going together after the prom. (They clearly do in books because the book “How to Hide a Horse” mentions Steve is always around.)

It figured this girl’s contacts could be responsible for Michelle getting into fashion. Mary Kate and Ashley being mentioned as having a fashion line makes these contacts logical and simple.

Mary Kate and Ashley simply have to ber in some other show or movies in the Full House universe. This allows Michelle to meet them through this mutual friend – say on a trip to L.A. over a summer - and stay in touch with them. When they go into fashion, Michelle is a junior partner or – less likely – she starts her own fashion empire. So simple, a Gibbler could operate it.

As for (the other spoiler) Stephanie not being able to have children, doctors can be wrong, perhaps it is something that happened in the TV universe that didn't in books, or perhaps she just adopt all of her children in the future of the other universes instead of just a few.

Now, her career.

There was understandable ambiguity before the series. They wanted to keep fans interested and excited to find out. Since Michelle wasn't there after a while they let out that she was in fashion, design. But, Stephanie was either a musician or singer of some stature who was good enough to have traveled a lot and yet also aspiring. They framed everything in such a way I was very intrigued and somehow I never thought of the idea that perhaps she was a songwriter, which should have been logical in retrospect. Such was the genius of the pre-show buildup. She couldn't have spent so much time traveling and only been a deejay, but as it turned out they had everything make a whole lot of sense. The CDs in the first show and some of Stephanie's songwriting later showed that was how she’d earned the money to travel like she did.

I suspect she probably played guitar or something as well, but we don't need to know every detail as long as it makes sense. And, this was very possible. Indeed, some books show her as a writer of a different type, a great aspiring journalist or even novelist.

The question is, is this her career elsewhere in the TV universe, where working with kids is not her main interest as a young teen like it is in books, where she is more dedicated to that because of D.J.'s influence? She had a plethora of talent. Journalism and dance instructor in books is very plausible given her interest in dance early - you don't have to read the Sam series and the Chronology to find Book Universe plausible, just know Jesse was in the attic from the start because of an office in the 4th bedroom and D.J. was hence more involved.

Writing music is plausible for TVU, but is would she want to have that huge of a career? Or, would she miss her family enough to not want to be flying all around (as in “Gotta Dance”)?

For D.J., a growing relationship with Steve – with he and D.J. rekindling their romance at the prom - and wedding right out of college in the TVU part of the Chronology was deemed very likely by those who discussed it. Indeed we learned in Fuller House (NetU) that she and Tommy Fuller do get married soon after D.J. graduated from college, given that her last date had been 16 years earlier. So there is definitely a place for a TVU. NetU can easily be separate and yet just as possible. For simplicity sake - as in Back to Future - the lack of a kiss can change things.

Can this being different also influence Stephanie the same way a chance meeting at the beach wouldn’t happen for Michelle?

Yes, it can. Think about Stephanie in the year after Michelle's accident. We see her again having lots of uncertainty in her life with DJ and Steve not together and then Michelle more clingy to her for while (as is normal with bad concussions, she’d likely be the one because of that first day in Kindergarten). Then, with michelle back to normal, by that next spring she meets the star that leads her to an interest in fashion design, introducing her to, contacts which are necessary for her to have a fashion empire before age 30. (the way “empire” was used, Michelle is big in it.) The friendship with Mary Kate and Ashley not only makes Michelle more plausibly a fashion tycoon, it also inspires Stephanie to want to have her own extravagant life.

Without it? She sees DJ and Steve settling into a much stronger relationship, Michelle more interested in something else and not spending time with her new friends in Hollywood, and suddenly while she will get into music she won't feel like everything is just go go go all the time and that she should take part in this.

In other words, NetU is very plausible, Book Universe is very plausible, and TVU is - you guessed it - in the middle. However, Stephanie clearly has a gift for writing and succeeds closer to home in her own way. She just might play guitar and not dedicate herself quite as much to writing music, just as she does different types of writing in the Book universe.

One final interesting thought on her is that she might very well learn she can't have children much earlier apart from the NetU. Perhaps she not only adopts a child or two herself but becomes a great writer on the positive aspects of adoption, an advocate for making it easier or for helping kids to land in the right families. she might channel her energy differently, while still doing some music as well, but the great thing is that she will definitely find lots of things she is great at that will distinguish her.

Or, maybe she can’t have kids in NetU because of some botched surgery in a far off country – something D.J. knew about but didn’t know that it had led to Stephanie being infertile. That is is entirely plausible given medical conditions in some places, and even doctors in the U.S. mess up. If this was the case, she wouldn’t need to explain to D.J. why she actually looked into it; D.J. would know it was the result of that mistake. That’s the way I’d like to look at it, anyway.

Sorry this got so long.

Re: General review, comment on different universes, even a heart to heart talk with a group hug at the end

Posted: Sun Feb 28, 2016 2:42 pm
by Mr. Woodchuck
Good take on the show. I read parts and parts of it, but not everything.

I think there needs to be a season 2. There are some unanswered questions here and I'd like to see the kids become more developed. Michelle could possibly return in a second season- it's been talked about. Even without her though, the show still runs just like its predecessor (which is great).

Re: General review, comment on different universes, even a heart to heart talk with a group hug at the end

Posted: Sun Feb 28, 2016 3:46 pm
by ILoveFullHouse
I'm very glad Full House got a spin-off. Fuller House is to me like new episodes of Full House, 21 years later.
Of course, there are some differences. Fuller House is very self-ironic. That's very funny, and I think it's good they are not too serious.
The original cast celebrates itself, especially in the first episode. But also, Fuller House has developed an own character. There are new stories with partly new characters.
The show's style is near to Full House, but also different. Full House was more cheesy, of course in a positive way. ;) I loved that, but it's okay that Fuller House is less cheesy.
I didn't watch the last episode yet. I will write more when I did. ;)

Re: General review, comment on different universes, even a heart to heart talk with a group hug at the end

Posted: Sun Feb 28, 2016 9:28 pm
by ILoveFullHouse
After I've seen all episodes now, I'll be more specific.
Compared with Full House, DJ changed to the better for me. In Full House, she was sometimes selfish and egoistic. That changed completely. She is a very caring person now and a loving mum. In the first episode, she seemed to be even selfless. Good, that Steph and Kimmy decided to help her! Also good her decision for herself in the last episode. ;) I always liked Steve, but his fighting for DJ was stressful. ;) I also like Matt. But DJ needs time.
Steph tries to find the right way for herself in her life. She worked as a DJ, but I don't know if it's the right thing for her. Also, she is looking for love. I hope she finds the love of her life. I was very shocked when she said she can't get kids! :cry: I hope the doctor was wrong. Steph would be a great mum, as we could see in the show.
Kimmy didn't change much. She's still crazy and a little stupid. ;) But also, she is a caring person and loving mum now. I'm glad she didn' marry Fernando again. I doubt he's the right one for her.
Now to the new kids:
Jackson is a nice guy, but also a little criminal, seeing how he fakes signatures! ;) Interesting stories can be told about him.
Ramona is a great character. She can be naughty, but nice too. She and Jackson would be a nice couple, but I didn't see any hints. Jackson is in love with Lola. Ramona didn't seem a love interest. But things can change. ;)
Max is like a little Danny. ;) Elias Harger is a great young actor.
Guest appearances have been great. Becky was very funny in episode 9. ;)
It was a great first season, I hope there will be more seasons. We'll see.

Re: General review, comment on different universes, even a heart to heart talk with a group hug at the end

Posted: Tue Mar 01, 2016 8:03 pm
by dtf955
Indeed, D.J.'s change is very positive. I often point out the more motehring D.J. of books and how that influence Stephanie and Michelle, but i never really mention how D.J. is changed a bit in books, too.

Which is why that office in the 4th bedroom is such a key. It means D.J. is forced to start sharing her room with Stephanie once the baby is born, months *before* Pam dies. The selfish aspects, I think, are mostly related to the fact she had to give it up afterward with no help from Pam in dealing witht he change and getting along with her sister.

Which will make the Jackson/Max dynamic interesting. The fact boys at times resolve such thigns differently than girls (and Jackson's own personality) mean it might not be as much of a problem. boys often compete more, whereas girls are more into relationships, although this is certainly not always true; I'm the kind of boy who was more into relationships as a kid, partly a trait of our whole family. I enjoyed the fun of playing video games and laughing with friends more than trying to win, though I enjoyed looking at personal records I also loved seeing my friends set theirs. (This was fortunate because I was horrible at them. :D )

So, the fact jackson is better at games and stuff may satisfy him a lot more, whereas D.J. saw having her room taken away only a few months after losing her mother (as opposed to apparently about a year here) as an affront, instead of Pam being able to lovingly help them transition as if it was a normal part of life.

Re: General review, comment on different universes, even a heart to heart talk with a group hug at the end

Posted: Mon Oct 24, 2016 9:24 am
by zintap
that is a good post... and i have the same thing to say as the third one....