Favorite Kimmy Moments

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Favorite Kimmy Moments

Post by Owlnut73 »

I liked when she handcuffed DJ and Stephanie together.

KIMMY: I'll go home and get the key. If your dad finds out, he'll call my mom. She'll tell my brother, I took his magic set, and he'll make my life disappear.

STEPHANIE: He already made your brain disappear.

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Re: Favorite Kimmy Moments

Post by Chloe »

Kimmy had some really funny moments! Kimmy is definitely one of my favorite characters!

I can't think of what she said off the top of my head, but she said some really funny lines. Once I think about them, I'll tell you.

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Re: Favorite Kimmy Moments

Post by Owlnut74 »

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Re: Favorite Kimmy Moments

Post by fullhousefan8795 »

kimmy is such an airhead! shes so funny because of it
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