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1968: JOEY
It was still early in the school year. Joseph Gladstone was starting a new school again. His dad was in the army. This caused his family to move around a lot. His parents have gotten divorced. Joseph or Joey as he was called, moved to San Francisco with his mother. She grew up there, and wanted to move back. He knew, this time he wouldn't have to say goodbye to a best friend.

It was recess. Miss Borland took him outside, and said "Clowns belong in a circus, not a classroom." Then she asked a boy, sitting on a bench, how his nose was, before leaving. A bully came up to them, and started tormenting the other boy, whose name was Daniel. Joey saved Daniel from the bully, and in exchange, Daniel saved him from being expelled on his first day. They became best friends and soul brothers.

1973: PAM
It started out as a typical day. Joey and Danny headed to Geometry class. Danny, usually a good student, found it hard to concentrate. Joey noticed his friend staring at a pretty blonde girl, with blue eyes and a smile that seemed permanently planted on her face. The teacher called her Pam. Danny was in love. After class, when they were in the hallway, Joey said "Danny, you obviously like her, ask her out." "Joey, what if she says no? I don't think I can handle it. She probably doesn't even know I'm alive." Danny looked down the hall, and saw Pam talking with some friends. "Could you find out what she thinks of me?" He asked Joey. "Sure, just call me Mr. Romance." Joey said in a cartoon voice. Danny watched as Joey talked to Pam. "Hi, I'm Joey Gladstone. My friend there, Danny Tanner likes you and wants to ask you out, but he is afraid of rejection. " "I would love to go out with Danny. Tell him to pick me up Saturday at Seven. Here's my name and address." Joey read the paper Pam gave him, as he made his way back to Danny. "Good news, Danny, she'll go out with you. Here's her address." "Joey, I just asked you to find out what she thinks of me, not ask her out." "Relax, it's all good. Pick her up on Saturday at seven." Danny glanced at the name on the paper. Pamela Katsopolis.

Danny and Pam had become a couple. They both included him, but sometimes, he felt like a third wheel. He had joined the hockey team and Danny was on the wrestling team. So, even though they were both busy with their own things, they still made time for their friendship. Pam was so nice. He had a feeling that most girlfriends would think him weird, and not want their boyfriends hanging out with him. But Pam was okay with it. She laughed at all his jokes. He invited her to hear him at the Laugh Machine. Soon, she had the whole place cracking up. Then, Pam and Danny eloped after the prom. Now, they are expecting a baby.

Pam and Danny had their first child. They asked him to be the godfather. Originally, they planned to name their daughter, Farrah. But Joey said "We can't name her after a hairstyle." Finally, they settled on Donna Jo. D.J. for short. The Jo was after him. He was grateful. Joey promised to help take care of D.J. when needed.

Joey was happy dating his new girlfriend Patty. She was the one. He played in a hockey game, but got humilliated by a jerk player on the other team. Patty had comforted him. Then she left him. He wanted to propose to her, but she left him for Michael Winchester. She didn't even say goodbye. She left him a note, on Michael's stationary. It broke his heart.

Pam and Danny had another baby. Stephanie Judith. Joey made funny faces at her. She was cute. He was asked to be Stephanie's godfather, also. He was happy. He loved those girls. He would bring the girls gifts. He felt it went with his duty as godfather.

Joey agreed to bring Pam and her new baby, Michelle home from the hospital. Danny wanted to get the house ready and stay with D.J. and Stephanie. Pam's brother, Jesse was going to be there, too. Pam wanted to stop at the hospital gift shop, before going home. "I want to get something for my other girls to show them they are still loved and to thank them for helping me where they could, these last nine months." She chose a charm bracelet for D.J. and a stuffed bear, in a trench coat and fedora for Stephanie. Then they went home. The girls loved their gifts.

1987: DEATH
Danny and Joey were at the house. D.J. was still at school, Stephanie was at pre- school, and Pam's mom was watching Michelle. Danny and Joey were planning to watch a game on television. Pam had gone to the store. The phone rang. Danny's happy- go- lucky attitude, sudenly turned grim. Joey didn't like what he heard of the conversation. Something happened. When Danny hung up, he said "Pam was in an accident. I need to get my mom to pick up the girls and bring them back here." Danny called his mom. She was to pick up Michelle from Pam's parents, then the girls from school. Joey drove Danny to the hospital. They were soon joined by Pam's parents, and Jesse. A doctor came, and told them Pam didn't make it. Everyone broke down. Joey took Danny home.

Danny asked Jesse and Joey to move in to help raise the girls. Joey's mom was helping him pack up his apartment. "I'll store your furniture for you. Even though those chairs look like they belong on a patio." "Thanks, Mom." "It's a selfless thing you are doing for Danny, but what do you know about raising kids, especially babies?" "Nothing, but I'll learn. If the situation were reversed, I am sure Danny would do the same for me." His mom seemed to accept that answer, but still looked worried. Joey put the last of the small boxes in his yellow Volkswagon Beetle, and drove to Dannys.

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Re: Joey

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You write good fan fictions! I see, you know the show very well. You remember many details about Joey which have been mentioned in the show. For example, that his parents moved often when he was a child.
A good fan fiction, like your other stories about Jesse, Danny and Becky! :)

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Re: Joey

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Thanks. I tried to remember as many facts about the guys that I could and put them In their stories. What I didn't know, I made up.

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