Season 3.5 comments on the trailer,a.k.a. pregame show

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Season 3.5 comments on the trailer,a.k.a. pregame show

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The 3 month wait is over. This is only slightly longer than the Super Bowl pregame show seems to have become :-), so something similar to a studio pregame show.

I'll post about the episodes themselves - in a separate post if it winds up being long enough or takes enough time for me to get my thoughts down with everything else going on ths time of year. For now, the "pregame show's" big question is, first, what is this? Some say Part 2, some say 3.5, some 3B.

So, 3B or not 3B, here is another question:

Do they go for the joke, with Kimmy as Stephanie's surrogate?

From the trailer, it sounds like they will. Not as plausible, given her age of 40, but possible; not where it wouldn't happen that way in the "real Tanner world" (like the final episode of season 7 being a dream given several large problems).

Actually, now that I look it up, a Greek grandmother was a surrogate in her mid-60s! uess 41 isn't as implausible as I thought. Plus, Kimmy's womb might be very well suited. She joked a lot about guys but probably listened to D.J. as far as not sleeping around, and the time with Fernando was more a case of thinking this exotic race car driver would be ready for marriage when he wasn't; we know from the first season they married 2 weeks before Ramona was born but she could easily have figured he was the one for her and then he kept dithering.

Other pregame thoughts:

Jeff Franklin said he wanted to correct things from where he felt they should have gone after Full House season 6. Many have guessed this meant D.J. and Steve getting back together, but if it is, it's the most convoluted way of doing it since Tom Sawyer tried to help Huckleberry Finn free Jim when he was already free thanks to Huck's aunt's will. Season 1 was okay with its Bachelorette parody, though Steve was way too anxious to get back with D.J., but after that he got better... and it almost looks like Matt is proposing to D.J. in one bit.

So, could Jeff Franklin be letting us have both by having Steve marry C.J.? I mean, she is quite similar, and they could still be part of the show.. This has so many possible turns right now, you could almost see Matt proposing to C.J. later in the season. Which would be the level of Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors!

I don't think that'll happen, but but I can't see as well to tell the different between D.J. and C.J., especially in that one brief bit int he trailer. So, I'd say it's possible. Again, going for the joke,

One last thought before the actual 9 episodes...

Remember Danny's first post-Vicki date when he's worried because he's wearing socks Vicki got him? D.J. says, "Dad, if you're talking about your socks, the date's over."

I just wonder, with Vicki due to reappear, if they are to get back together, will there be some allusion to that? it would be hard for socks to last 25 years, but Danny could have put them back and then gotten them out again after his divorce from Teri. Or, he could just use them as cleanign rags after they've got holes in them.

That could be one other thing Jeff Franklin wanted to fix - he's being smart in not doing it all right away if that's the case. I can very easily see him thinking that the show should have been allowed to change from the 3 bachelors raising 3 girls just like it did when Jesse married Becky.

Also, I noticed a tweet where one cast member referred to "the Tokyo episode." So, maybe that means only season 3 part I was "Summer fun."

Or, maybe it'll take 8 episodes after that to unravel all the confusion from Tokyo, and "summer" is taken to mean through mid-September. But if it shows Kimmy pregnant as one observer noted int he trailer, does this mean the final episode could take place in December or so?

We'll find out soon. We are less than 24 hours away from the long-awaited 2nd half of Fuller House season 3...

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