Stephanie's Not Okay Part 1

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Stephanie's Not Okay Part 1

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Stephanie Tanner was always a respectful girl at school. She has never bullied anyone and she was always polite to her peers and teachers. However once she hit high school in season 9 (fake) she didn't have a strong bond with her teachers.

-Danny turns on the lights in Stephanie and Michelle's room-
Danny: Alright girls, time to get up and get ready for school!
-Michelle yawns-
Michelle: Is it morning already?
Danny: Yes sweetheart. Now I'll leave you to get dressed and brush your hair and teeth. And Stephanie, please remember to put deodorant on.
Stephanie: Yes dad.
-Danny walks downstairs and puts the car in gear. After a while the girls are ready to go to school.-
Danny: Girls, it's time to go!
-Stephanie and Michelle get in the car. Meanwhile Stephanie is scared to go to school, but hides it. The girls arrive at school-Danny: Have a good day girls!
-Danny drove off-
-Stephanie is greeted by her teachers-
Mrs. Homandoller: Well hello Stephanie! Ready for your first beating of the day?
Stephanie: Oh no.
-Mrs. Homandoller grabs a wooden paddle and beats Stephanie until she could see the blood dripping from her shorts and arms-
Stephanie: Please stop! What have I done to you?
Mrs Homandoller: Exist.
-Mrs. Homandoller punches Stephanie in the eye and breaks her nose. Stephanie screams in tears. Mrs. Homandoller broke Stephanie's portable phone and beats her in the neck, and harshly drops her on the concrete, resulting in scratches and Stephanie's head injured-
Gia: Hi Steph- Woah, what happened Tanner?
Stephanie: It-it's a long story.
Gia: Tanner, you can tell me. I will keep your secret.
Stephanie: W-well, Mrs. Homandoller has been beating me for the past couple of months.
Gia: That is bad, Tanner. The police needs to be involved.
-Just as Gia dials 911, Mrs. Homandoller throws Gia's phone down, resulting in her phone breaking as well. However, a policeman looking for drugs sees how badly bruised Stephanie is-
Policeman: Gia Mahan, you have been caught doing bad things several times and this is your 12th offense. You are under arrest.
Stephanie: It wasn't her!
-Stephanie cries in tears as the policeman throws Gia in the car-
Stephanie: No...

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Re: Stephanie's Not Okay Part 1

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Wow, that's really scary!
Full House will be with you... always.

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