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1968: DANNY
Danny was being bullied by an overweight boy, who threw a ball into Danny's nose, when he wasn't looking. Danny was sitting on a bench holding a tissue to his bloody nose. Miss Borland came out, with another boy. She made him sit on the bench, next to Danny. The bully came up to Danny, and started being mean again.The boy next to him, whose name was Joseph. started throwing insults at the bully. In return, Danny saved Joey from getting expelled. They became best friends.

At home, that evening, Danny told his family about his new friend, Joey. He helped his mother with the dishes. His sister, Wendy asked "Danny, did you clean my room?" "Of course." Danny scoffed. "Why?" "I can't find anything! Where's my pink sweater?" "It was on the floor, so I put it in the hamper. You should hang it up after it gets washed!" "Ugh!"

1973: LOVE
Danny met a girl in Geometry class. Her name was Pam. Joey asked her out for him. They have been dating. It was love. Joey joined the hockey team. Danny could skate, and rather well, but he wasn't into hockey. He joined the wrestling team. He didn't hate sports, in fact, he wanted to be a sportscaster. He and Pam were already talking about the future. They want to get married and have kids some day.

Danny was in his room, getting ready for the Prom. He had borrowed his father's tuxedo. He was nervous. He told Joey that he was considering proposing to Pam, even before graduation. He wanted to marry her. Now. Pam and Danny walked out of the school gymnasium. They were sitting in his car. "Let's get married, tonight." "Danny, that's crazy. My dad would kill me, and my little brother would kill you." "Pam, I love you. I want to start my life with you." Pam sighed. "Danny, I love you too. I can't wait to become a mother, but shouldn't we wait until after graduation?" "We could, but I want to do this, as soon as possible." "Okay. Let's get married." So, they did. The next day, they told their families. Pam was right, her little brother, Jesse tried to beat him up. He eventually apologized. A few weeks later, they told their families they were expecting a baby.

1977: D.J.
At 3:48 A.M. Donna Jo Margaret Tanner was born.They call her D.J. for short. Pam and Danny asked Joey to be the godfather. Even Jesse seemed to really like the baby. Danny just wanted to protect her from the world. He had been a nervous wreck in the delivery room. He almost fainted.

1981: 1882 GERARD STREET
Pam and Danny found a new house to raise their growing family. It is an older Victorian. A great house. Pam is expecting their second child. She has also been decorating their house. He was worried about her doing too much. She would always say. "Danny, don't worry. I know my body. I know my limits. If it does get to be too much for me, I'll stop, I promise." But he still worries.

Danny and Pam had their second baby. Stephanie Judith Tanner. She craves a lot of attention. "This one's going to be interesting to raise."Pam said. Stephanie is very excitable. Pam's mom said Pam was the same way when she was born. Danny wanted to protect Stephanie from the world, too. He wanted his girls to stay little forever. In reality though, he knew that can't happen. They are going to grow up, anyway.

Baby number three came about a week before Thanksgiving. Michelle Elizabeth Tanner. She had Pam's cute smile. Danny asked Joey to bring Pam and Michelle home. He wanted to get it all on video. They decided not to have any more children. Raise their three daughters.

Pam's dead. She was killed by a drunk driver. He needed help raising the girls. His mom has been helping, but she needs to go home. He asked Joey and Jesse for help. He knew that they didn't know much, if anything about kids, but he was desperate. He knew that Joey and Jesse loved the girls. That is what mattered. And he trusted them. He had decided to move Stephanie in with D.J. so Jesse would have a room. He'll have to put Joey in the alcove, at least for now.

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