Hope for a Baby

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Hope for a Baby

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It was Saturday night. The kids had gone to bed. D.J. found Stephanie in her room, crying. D.J. knew that this was about what Stephanie had told her about not being able to have children. "Steph, have you gotten a second opinion? I hate to admit this, being a doctor myself, but doctors can be wrong." "No, what if he wasn't wrong? I don't think I could bear hearing it twice." D.J. hugged her. "Remember, my kids are your kids." Stephanie nodded "Thank you."

A few days later, Stephanie decided to get that second opinion. She had thought about it. When she'd gotten the news before, no one had been with her. She had been alone. Now, she has support from D.J.. "D.J., I have decided to get that second opinion. Will you go with me?" "Of course. I know a specialist."

The day of the appointment, Kimmy had a meeting, but it was Steve's day off. He agreed to watch Tommy. The other kids would be in school.

At the doctor's office, Stephanie was nervous. "It'll be alright. No matter what. There are other options, if you can't get pregnant." "I know Deej, but I would still like to be able to have a baby, someday. That's the main reason I haven't settled down. What if the guy I married wasn't open to other options?" "You should find out how he feels about it, before you marry him. I did. I never would have married Tommy if he had not wanted children." Just then, the doctor returned with Stephanie's test results.

He had a straight face, she couldn't read his expression. "Miss Tanner, your results show that there is a slight chance you can get pregnant, but with the aid of fertility drugs. I can write you a perscription, if you like." Stephanie looked at D.J. "That's up to you. I'll support whatever decision you make." Stephanie turned back to the doctor. "Ok, I'll concider it." She knew that if she got a perscription now, she'd have to be more careful with her relationships and lifestyle choices. It would be worth it, knowing there was hope. "Ok, Doc. Write that perscription."

Stephanie cancelled dates with all the guys she didn't remotely care for. It was time to start looking for Mr. Right. She'd play it by ear. Until then, she would just be the best aunt to the kids as possible. She wouldn't be crying herself to slerp tonight.

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