Tommy (sequel to Pam Lives)

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Tommy (sequel to Pam Lives)

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Stephanie walked into her room. "Joey, are you still messing with that machine?" "Is DJ okay? She swears I sent her back to 1987 to save your mom from an accident." "She seems fine. Maybe you did, after all that is a time machine you invented. If she saved mom for me and Michelle, I'd like to return the favor and save her husband." "Stephanie, that is generous of you, but are you sure? Lives will be altered. " "Yes. It's the least I can do for my sister and nephews." "Okay, here we go."

Stephanie was due to return to England, but she decided to put it off. This was way more important. She just needed to figure out a way to stop Tommy from fighting the fire that claimed his life. Should she make him think that either DJ or one of the boys are sick? No. She didn't want to deceive him, but is there any other way? She then remembered, he needed to make an appointment with the dentist. She had heard him telling DJ. Stephanie decided to act as DJ to set up the dental appointment for the time of the fire.

"Tommy, the dentist called, you have an appointment, today at 1:00." "Okay, I'll tell the chief. Thanks." Stephanie wasn't proud of what she did, but if she manages to save Tommy, it'll be worth it. She was staying with them to babysit the boys. DJ was pregnant with her third child. She was sure it would be another boy. Another reason to save Tommy. Stephanie turned on the TV. Local news broke about the fire. "Please let him be at his appointment." She said aloud to herself. An hour later,Tommy walked through the door. She did it. She saved Tommy. "Good thing you were at your appointment and not that fire. It looked pretty brutal from what they showed on the news." "I heard. I love being a firefighter, but I am relieved I wasn't there. DJ and the boys are too important to me. I love my family more then my job."

"Joey I did it. I saved Tommy." "Oh no. First, DJ, now you? Maybe I should move my lab somewhere else, before I catch it." "Joey. You've built a time machine. Don't you think that maybe DJ did save Mom, and I saved Tommy?" "Well, I suppose so. But since your dad and your sister are happy, I won't question it. I'll leave it alone." "Thanks." Pam had wanted the house to stay in the family, so they gave it to DJ and Tommy before moving to Los Angeles for Danny's job.

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