Season 3 coming soon!

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Re: Season 3 coming soon!

Post by ILoveFullHouse »

Great Christmas present for us! :)

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Re: Season 3 coming soon!

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I just hope it's less centered around relationships. I hope Steve breaks up with CJ unexpectedly, effectively ending the relationship there. There's just too many relationships going on, and as we know from the old show, a lot of them unexpectedly flopped anyway.

Stephanie and Jimmy need to break up too. Just leave DJ with the relationship; everyone being in a relationship is too much.

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Re: Season 3 coming soon!

Post by dtf955 »

I'd rather have Steve and CJ together just so there's no temptation for D.J. to get back together with him; "A decision's been made, now stick with it" is my view.. Make them recurring, 2-3 episode characters tops, Rose can be in one, and sort of phase them out of beign main people.

I think they're trying a variety of different things. It's the same number of episodes in 1+ seasons of tradition TV, and I'm not a Netflix person otherwiseso maybe this isn't the norm, but I look at it as them still feeling their way around just like in a traditional TV first season. I didn't mind the relationships too much. Fernando got funnier without the divorce/engagement stuff (although if it was all leading up to the wedding that wasn't, okay, the setup took a bit long but the punch line's execution was hilarious). But, now that they've shown us who everyone is like in a first season, I say put Steve and CJ in the same role as Jesse's parents in the following seasons; there a few times but not filling any major role.

And, yeah, Steph and Jimmy can split up and just be friends for a while a la Jesse and Becky in season 3. As I told a friend, there's so many characters there's a lot less room for the life lessons becasue they have to squeeze so many people in!

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Re: Season 3 coming soon!

Post by Owlnut74 »

Season 3 has been extended to 18 episodes!

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