Best Moments of 1995 during the final season of Full House

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Best Moments of 1995 during the final season of Full House

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I have lots of things from my childhood which are from 1995 during and after the final season of the Full House TV series based on the name of the forums. Here are some of my favourites, and also, discuss here!

May 1995: The Wee Sing videos were re-released with new covers and some modifications on the VHS tapes. Windows NT 3.51 was also released that month as an upgrade to Windows NT 3.1.

June 1995: Apple QuickTime 2.03 was released for Windows 3.1, Windows NT 3.51 and Windows 95. It followed with a later version called QuickTime 2.04 in August. It included a sample movie plus a single installer package that installs on the "WINDOWS" directory, and a Macintosh version of QuickTime (which is version 2.1) was released that year.

August 1995: DiC had acquired the rights for the Japanese Sailor Moon Anime series from 1992. At that point, They decided to dub the whole season while complying the CRTC and the Canadian Broadcasting Guidelines and making it appropriate for children. It was not as popular in the United States, but it was mostly popular in Canada. At the same time, Microsoft finally released the final version of Windows 95 with a 32-bit interface, replacing the File Manager from Windows 3.1, and added a Start Menu. That way, it is easy to know which program you want to run. It was also used for 3D gaming back then which Microsoft created the DirectX engine used for game developers.

September 1995: Sierra created a Windows 95 port of the Incredible Machine 2 (dubbed version 3.0 in the Windows port) with extra content such as CD Audio Tracks and included speech from Professor Tim. It is a contraption game where you build machines similar to a Rube Goldberg one.

October 1995: Microsoft Kids created a movie making program called 3D Movie Maker. It allows children to create a movie featuring a selection of casts included in the program. It featured McZee, who is also seen in other Microsoft Kids products as well.

November 1995: The second season of Sailor Moon, which is Sailor Moon R, was acquired by DiC until 1998.

Also in 1995: Four Footed Friends and Stradiwackius VroomBooks are compiled into one CD-ROM by T/Maker Company. (Source for VroomBooks: MobyGames)

Have you saw some best moments of 1995? Discuss here!

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Re: Best Moments of 1995 during the final season of Full Hou

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The 90's were the best. Period.

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Re: Best Moments of 1995 during the final season of Full Hou

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the simpsons
- Full House rocks!

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