Full House Opening Credits

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Full House Opening Credits

Post by jesse'shairbrush »

I dont know why it bugs me so much but does anybody know what Joey says to the camera during opening credits?

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Re: Full House Opening Credits

Post by Chloe »

I don't know what he says! If I'm honest I haven't payed much attention to it. I was too busy singing along to the opening credits. I know it off by heart!

But, now you mention it, that would be interesting to know.

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Re: Full House Opening Credits

Post by fullhousefan8795 »

Not sure, that's a good question, and a rough one to answer. Next time I watch full house I'll look closer and see if I can figure it our
- Full House rocks!

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Re: Full House Opening Credits

Post by Owlnut74 »

The last part, I was able to lip read. He says "I don't know." I still haven't been able to make out the first part of it.

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