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With a sequel coming, I want to do a prequel mini series. I started with Becky because I think she was the hardest to do, and wanted to get it out of the way.

1968: BECKY
It was a spring morning in Valentine Nebraska. Five year old, Rebecca Donaldson was up early. She had to feed the chickens and collect eggs, before going to school. Ah farm life. She was one of many chilldren in the family. After a leisure breakfast, everyone went to school or the farm.
After school, Becky had changed her outfit. "Mom, Becky's copying my outfit again!" Her older sister, Connie yelled. "I didn't even know what you changed to. I haven't seen you since this morning!" Becky went to the barn to visit her cow, Janice.

The years flew by. Her mom had more babies. She helped her brothers build their cars for the Downhill Derby. "I wish girls could race!" Her brothers just laughed at her. "Maybe someday, but I'll be too old for it." She thought.

It was a bad day. Sven Anderson won't notice her. Her friend, Sharon, also her cousin, says "Sorry, Becky, but Sven likes blondes." She wanted to dye her hair, right then. It was a good day. Miss Alexander told her she had a future in journalism. It was what she wanted to do, when she grew up. At home, she got proxide and tried dying her hair, blonde. It turned orange. "Becky, what did you do? "Oh, Mom, I am so embarrassed! How can I go to school like this? Sven will never notice me, now!" "Becky, don't you worry about what a boyfriend or anyone else thinks of you. You just be the best Becky you can be." Then her mother made her list all her good points. She realized her mom was right.

1985: FUTURE
She helped Connie elope. Connie had been seeing a guy, their parents didn't approve of. But, she knew they were in love. A few months later, her sister announced she was having a baby. Becky was graduating college. She had a job lined up. Becky signed on for two years at A.M. Omaha, as a talk show host.

Becky had to tell her family she got a new job, in San Francisco. She would be co-hosting a talk show. That night she had a dream. A very good looking guy about her age. Kids. "The future?" She wondered. The next day, she knew she did the right thing, taking this job. It is where her future lies. Maybe she'll meet the man in her dream? Or is he the man of her dreams. "Yeah right, like that's gonna happen." She thought. She had told her cousin about it. "Becky, what girl wouldn't want to meet a guy like that, but it was probably just a dream." The next day, she caught a flight to San Francisco. Time to start the rest of her life.

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Well done! I can imagine that Becky's life has been this way before we saw her in the show. She often mentioned her farm life and her many siblings. Also nice that she has seen her good future in a dream. A good Fanfiction!

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