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Hermes Katsopolis and his older sister, Pam came home from school. Hermes was in tears. He ran to his room to continue his cry. "What happened?" Their mother, Irene asked. "Kids at school were teasing him because of his name." Just then, their father, Nick came in, having heard the conversation, said "That's crazy! Who would make fun of a name like Hermes? It is the name of a Greek god." "Nick, I warned you when he was born, that this could happen." " Well, there's nothing we can do about it now."

The Katsopolis family was in the living room. The television was on. His eyes fell upon the singer, with shiny black hair and blue eyes. "Who is that?" He asked, with awe. "Elvis Presley." Nick answered. The boy went to sit next to Pam, never taking his eyes from the television screen. Nick and Irene smiled. Their son found an idol.

He wanted to change his name. "Why? Hermes is a great name!" His father said. "Nick, we should let him do this. He is the one who has to live with it." Nick sighed. "Okay son, we will change your name. What name do you want? " "Jesse." The boy said. "I want to change my name to Jesse." It had been the name of Elvis' twin brother, who died at birth. He liked the name. It suited him. Jesse Katsopolis.

13 year old Jesse was grounded. His parents found out he snuck into the Smash Club. Jesse knew that with Pam married, his parents would focus more on him. Pam was only 17. "Why didn't Pam get grounded for eloping with Danny Tanner after the prom?" Jesse thought. He hated being stuck in the house. He wanted to be out, picking up girls. He went to the mirrror, and started fixing his hair. Hair was very important to him. Then, he picked up the guitar he had gotten for his thirteenth birthday, and began to play.

Pam and Danny came over for dinner. They both looked nervous and exited. After dinner, Pam announced that she was having a baby. Everyone was overjoyed. Jesse was going to be an uncle at 14. But he was happy for Pam and Danny. He vowed to be a good uncle.

Pam had her baby. A girl. Donna Jo Margaret Tanner. D.J. for short. Jesse brought his guitar to the hospital. He played an Elvis song for D.J. So far, he liked this uncle thing. "I can do this. I can be the coolest uncle ever!" He thought.

Jesse's English teacher, Mr. Pearson made him feel like an idiot. He asked to use the bathroom, and just walked out. He wasn't proud of it, but he did it. He dropped out of school. Jesse went for a cruise on his Harley until school was out. He can't ever tell his family. They would be very dissapointed in him. That evening, he told his father that he would accept the job at his extermination business.

Pam had her second baby. Stephanie Judith Tanner. She seemed to crave a lot more attention then D.J. ever did. Jesse played his guitar for Stephanie, just like he had done for D.J. When the nurse came to take Stephanie to the nursery, Jesse swore that Stephanie gave the nurse a look that said "How Rude!"

Pam and Danny had their third daughter, Michelle Elizabeth Tanner. Once again, Jesse played his guitar for the baby. Jesse stopped by the maternity ward to say goodbye to Michelle, before leaving. He waved to her. Michelle looked up at him, with her big blue eyes, and smiled. "She smiled at me!" "It's gas. She can't smile yet." The nurse said. Jesse didn't believe her.

Danny's best friend, Joey had brought Pam and Michelle home from the hospital, earlier that day. Jesse and Pam were in the Kitchen. "Well, little brother, it is up to you to give Dad a grandson.
Danny and I are not having any more babies." "Pam, I have to find the right woman, and get
married, first. Yes, deep down, I do someday want a wife. Even though it means giving up
pursuing other women." "It'll happen for you. I just know it."

Jesse gets a frantic call from his parents. Pam was in a serious car accident. She was hit by a drunk driver. Jesse raced to the hospital. He waited with his parents, Danny, and Joey. Joey had
driven Danny to the hospital, he knew his friend was in no condition to drive. Danny's mom was
watching the girls. Finally, after what seemed like hours, a doctor approached the family. He had a grim look on his face. "I'm sorry, we lost her. We did everything we could." Everyone broke down. Danny said "I am glad the girls weren't in the car with Pam. I don't think I would want to go on, if I lost them all." Then he left with Joey.

Danny asked Jesse and Joey to move in with him to help him raise his daughters. They agreed. It was the least he could do. Pam had been a great big sister. She put up a lot with him. He figured, he owed her. He loved her. He loved those little girls. Jesse went for a cruise on his Harley. He ended up in Reno. He wandered into a show, Razzle Dazzle '87. He locked eyes with a show girl. Her name was Vanessa. After the show, Vanessa said she was going to do a Bob Hope special. He told her that if needed, she can stay with him. He gave her Danny's address, told her he'd be helping his brother-in-law with his kids, and kissed her goodbye. Then he jumped on his Harley and headed for San Francisco.

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