Michelle's Triangle

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Michelle's Triangle

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I have often wondered what Michelle would have been like as a teenager. So, I wrote this story.

Michelle and Denise were in her room. Michelle had a delima both her long-time friend, Teddy and her former frienemy, Aaron has asked her to the school dance. She didn't know what to do?
"Teddy asked you first, maybe you should go with him." "Denise, Teddy and I have been friends since Kindergarden. I am not sure if I want to ruin that friendship for a romance. We tried that once, in third grade. It didn't work." "Yeah, but you were only 8 then." "Aaron has kept his reputation as a bad boy, I don't think Dad would approve. I'll talk to Teddy, tomorrow."

Michelle went to Stephanie's room to talk. "Hey, Steph, Could you help me with a problem?" "I'll try. What is it?" "Both Teddy and Aaron asked me to the dance. What do I do?" "Well, which one do you like the best?" "Teddy's been my friend, forever. I don't want to hurt him. I am not sure if I want him for a boyfriend. And Aaron used to hate me." "You and Teddy could go to the dance as just friends, you know? Neither of them has to be your boyfriend." "I know." Michelle and Stephanie were both getting ready for their respective graduations. Stephanie will be finishing high school and Michelle, jr. high.

The next day, Michelle approached Teddy. "Teddy, did you ask me to this dance as a friend, or a girlfriend? I don't want to ruin our friendship." "Michelle, I understand, I don't want to ruin our friendship, either. Aaron told me he asked you. You can go with him if you want." "Thanks, Teddy. You know, Denise doesn't have a date. Neither does Lisa. You can ask one of them." "I guess, but will you at lest save me a dance?" "Sure." That had gone better then Michelle had expected.

The school dance started off without a hitch. Teddy asked Denise to the dance. Lisa had been depressed since Derek moved away, but tonight she was in a great mood. She came with a boy named Tyler, who they all met in sixth grade. "Michelle, I know Teddy said he didn't care if you dated Aaron, but he does. I can tell. He gave you an out, but didn't really want you to take it." "Are you sure." "Yes, look at him. He's hurting. Besides, I have my eye on Colton Davis. He's flying solo tonight. I can make my move." Denise left to go talk to her crush. Michelle was dancing with Aaron, when Teddy asked to cut in. Aaron wasn't happy about it. "Hey buddy, Michelle's my date! Get your own!" The boys started fighting. Michelle broke it up. She didn't want either of them getting suspended for fighting.

Aaron took Michelle home. As he kissed her good night, he said "Remember, you are my girl."
They have only had this one date. How could she be his girl? Michelle didn't want to hurt Aaron, either, but if what Denise had told her about Teddy, was true, then she has a real problem.

"Hey Michelle. How was the dance?" "Well, Teddy and Aaron nearly came to blows over me. I don't know what to do." "I wish I had two guys fighting over me." "No you don't, Steph, believe me. Since you don't know what to do, I'll call D.J. If she can't help, I'll talk to Aunt Becky." Michelle called D.J. and told her what happened. "Michelle, no one can make this decision for you. But in my opinion, if Aaron is getting a little possessive, you need to dump him now, before he develops an obsession." "You're right Deej, but how do I end things with Aaron? Knowing him, he won't take it well. Thanks, Deej." "Anytime. Good luck. Bye." Michelle hung up. She needed to talk to Teddy.

The next day at school, Michelle broke things off with Aaron. She had Lisa and Denise for support. She needed to find Teddy. He was at his locker, talking to Tyler and Colton. "Teddy, can we talk?" "Okay." "Denise told me how you really felt. Why didn't you?" "I don't know, I guess I just didn't think you felt the same way." "I do, but we have been friends since Kindergarden, I didn't want to ruin that. But now, I guess it's making it better." "Yes!" Teddy leaned in and kissed Michelle. They both knew no matter what happened in their lives, they will be friends forever.

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Re: Michelle's Triangle

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Nice story! I always liked Michelle and Teddy together. ;)

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