A Fuller House Wedding

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A Fuller House Wedding

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Jackson was in one of the rooms in the church. In a few hours, he would be married to his best friend. Ten years ago, he thought his life was over. But he was loved. He no longer resented his mother. His whole family was at this wedding. He was adjusting his tie, when his stepdad, Steve came in and asked if he needed anything. "Thanks, I'm fine. See if you can find my brothers. I think Tommy is a little embarrassed. He thinks he is too old to be a ring bearer." "I'm on it, Jack." He couldn't wait to see his bride, Ramona.

The women were all in the bride's room, helping her into her gown and such. Ramona had finally accepted the fact that her father was a loser. She had invited him to her wedding, but she knew he wouldn't show up. Steve, who was, Jackson's stepdad, had been there as a father figure to her too. He was going to walk her down the isle. The women were doing the old something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. DJ went first. Something old. She gave Ramona a pair of pearl and diamond earrings. "These belonged to my mom. My dad gave them to me, when I married Tommy. I was saving them for my daughter, but I had sons. So, now they're yours. The closest thing I have to a daughter." "Thank you, D.J. they're beautiful." Then Kimmy went. Something new. Kimmy handed Ramona a pearl necklace. "Mom, they are beautiful, how could you afford these?" "Don't worry, the girls helped." Becky went next. Something borrowed. She handed Ramona a Diamond bracelet. "Jesse gave this to me, years ago for one of our anniversaries." "Thanks, Becky." Last, but not least, Stephanie gave Ramona something blue. A blue rhinestone, guitar shaped hair clip. "Thanks, Stephanie." The women finished helping Ramona get dressed. Then returned to their pews.

Jackson was waiting at the altar, nervous. Max was standing beside him, as his best man. The wedding was about to start. Tommy, came down the isle. Then everyone stood up. The organ played "Here Comes the Bride" Ramona came towards him, on Steve's arm. Joey had gotten ordained and wanted to marry them. They turned to face Joey. They said the traditional vows and exchanged rings. "You may kiss the bride." Jackson kissed Ramona. "I now present, Mr. and Mrs. Fuller."

Kimmy ran to D.J. and hugged her. "Now, we really are family." Everyone went to the reception. Steve danced a father-daughter dance with Ramona. "Thanks for being a father to me, too." "You're welcome. I always wanted a daughter." Everyone was happy and had a great time.
Stephanie was daning with her new boyfriend. Even Michelle made it to the wedding. She
brought her husband, Teddy. Michelle had also married her best friend.

Jackson and Ramona were expecting their first child. They were having a girl. They gave their family a great surprise, when they told them they would name the baby Pamela. Jackson came up to his wife. And put his hand on her belly. "I can't wait to become a father. I know my dad and my grandmother are looking down on us, and are very happy. I feel like the luckiest man in the world."

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Re: A Fuller House Wedding

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Great story! Looks like a good future.
So, DJ and Steve finally married. Michelle and Teddy are married. Great! :)
I’m just wondering if Steph will ever marry. ;)
Can’t say much to Jackson and Ramona yet. But we’ll get to know them better soon when Fuller House starts. ;)

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