New look for Fuller House section

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New look for Fuller House section

Post by Full House Forever »

Today, the Fuller House section has been revamped and got a new, fresh look. Of course more informatie will be added and updated as the show will be available on Netflix next friday!

Check out the Fuller House page here: and let me know what you think about the new look (compared to the rest of the website).

The mobile page will be updated later by the way, but it still works :). I also plan to gradually give the rest of the website the same feeling and looks.

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Re: New look for Fuller House section

Post by dtf955 »

It looks really neat. I am anxious to watch the shows though I'm way too busy with other things to interact much here. I will, however, likely add maybe a dozen pages or so of a NetU to the Chronology that was put together years ago.

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Re: New look for Fuller House section

Post by ILoveFullHouse »

The section looks very good to me. :)
Just two days left until Full House continues its journey! :) I think it will be really good. :)

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Re: New look for Fuller House section

Post by Owlnut74 »

Me too.

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