So, what's this Chronology and can i contribute?

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So, what's this Chronology and can i contribute?

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As noted elsewhere, i have very little time now and no time for any message boards. I do, however, plan to add a few pages to the Chronology, which is available in the "Full House" section of this site.

Some of you are you enough to have been born only a few years before it started, and many viewers likely don't know how it came about. A summary and then what you can do with NetU if you choose.

there were a lot of complaints in the early 2000s as I grew to love the show about "mistakes." Some were only in the peoples' minds (Disneyland is not the same place as Disneyworld, it's clear across the country), some were due to a lack of understanding(their flight in Fogged In" would be refunded and they could go at a later time when we don't see them, since we only see 1/336 of their lives per week), some were due to real problems. (Jesse had to have lied about his graduation, but how'd he pull it off.) Then there was Michelle's behavior, but I won't dig up that can of worms.

Suffice to say, a number of fans and i got our heads together and started discussing what happened. We filled in the blanks with a 300-page document, counting the Full House Books, and it kept growing. Books were determined to be BU or TVu, or both in rare cases, we fleshed out how the pediatrician would work with Danny and D.J. to help with Michelle and things like that, we did a lot of polling, and we wound wound up with something close to the more familiar Star Trek Chronology.

This is where you come in if anyone would want to do this. I don't expect anyone to, I was turning into a part-time worker due to the economy and my handicaps probably helped me not be able to do as much, though I still had ana ctive social life. i just had hours to put this together over several years that you might not.

However, if you want to add to the NetU section I plan to add after the end of the Series, feel free. You can even jiggle the post-series TVU a bit, but it's based on lots of work based on D.J. marryign Steve, so as you'll see, it should stay pretty intact except for things that are clearly not going to be impacted.

Also, the BU stays the same, especially because of the very special Sam Series one friend (Paul) and I put together with his concept of this girl, Samantha, whom BU Stephanie befriends as a 5th grader when Samantha is in Kindergarten. ((Staphanie and especially Michelle are much more mature and different in books, D.J. is a cear proactive mother figure whereas she'd just react in the TVU at times - an office in the 4th bedroom means she's oldest besides Danny on that floor from day 1.)

Okay, as noted, I will be adding maybe a dozen pages to the Chronology - a section called NetU. i already know there's a book in the "Full House Michelle" series that I had as TVU (TV Univese) to begin with that is the perfect explanation for Michelle's absence. The title is "My best Friend is A Movie Star," wherein Michelle meets a girl on the beach on vactaion and invites here to spend time where her. She makes the mistake of going all out when this girl really wanted to spend time as just a normal kid, but they make up in the end and Michelle and she will remain friends, it's pretty clear.

Well, there is where Michelle can get into fashion. Danny explains she hadn't heard of this new friend because she stars in movies for adults. (So PG-13 or maybe R) I don't know the girl's name - you could look it up - but think about it. Michelle can't really get into this friend's movies, but she can get into the joy of knowing what it's like to be a star, including all the fashion stuff this girl would wear. That leads to contacts and eventually Michelle is getting into the fashion design business.

that's how we rolled when we did the Chronology. You can tell by how many footnotes there are.

Okay, so it'll be maybe the start of April till I definitely get the bit of the netU up and tweak any post-series TVU, but I will add to that and maybe come back here and post that it is up. Or, maybe the site will just say it's been updated.

After that, you can have at it. If you have good ideas that I didn't think of in what I added from the first season, fill them in. If stuff from the 2nd season and beyond (because I'm guessing there will be more than 1) gives you background to add or stuff to change, add it.

Just remember, it's like the multi-verse. All these universes happen; we came up with stuff for the BU and the TVU presuming DJ marries Steve, so it is a different unierse in some ways, with a very early Point of Departure after the series, namely DJ and steve not kissing at the prom. (Yea, perhaps too shameless a Back to the Future reference there, but it is very logical, too.)

But, if nobody wants to, that's okay, too. it was still lots of fun to make originally.

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Re: So, what's this Chronology and can i contribute?

Post by Owlnut74 »

DJ couldn't be married to Steve, or he'd have to be dead. The new show is a reverse of the original. Maybe she will end up with him, though. DJ is having better luck than Danny had. All Danny's girlfriends except Vicky, lasted only 1-3 episodes. We even only seen new wife, Teri only once, briefly. I thought, why bother giving him a new wife? Should have been just another girlfriend.

Can't explain the Disneyland/Disney World thing, except human error.

There's an idea about how Jesse faked his graduation, in Pam's Corner under her diary entries. Which suggests, he claimed he was sick that day, so neither he, nor his family, went to graduation. As for the diploma, he claimed that after picking up his diploma from school, when he felt better, he ran some errands, and while he was at Alijandro's getting haircare supplies, it was stolen off his motorcycle. I don't think Pam believed him, but she didn't confront him, about it, either. She had her suspensions, though. It doesn't exactly explain how Jesse got a job in advertising, except he probably had to lie on the application. Not sure if companies really check to see if someone actually graduated. Also, it doesn't seem like either he or Joey, who is a college graduate, had to fill out an application. It seems, Mr. Maltessa just gave them the job, unless the formalities came later, off screen.

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Re: So, what's this Chronology and can i contribute?

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I have learned to use the knowledge to spread it.

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