The Katsopolis Family

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The Katsopolis Family

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Nick Katsopolis was depressed. He just heard on the radio that Elvis got drafted. He went to his favorite coffee house. After what seemed like hours, a young woman with curly blond hair entered the coffee house with two other women. She was pretty. He wanted to meet her. "Something has to go right, today." Nick said to himself. He worked up the courage, then approached the young woman he'd seen enter the coffee house. "Hi." He smiled. "I am Nick Katsopolis." "Irene." The woman simply said, returning his smile. They spent the next few weeks together.

Nick and Irene were married. By March, they were expecting a baby. They were excited to become parents. Irene knew Nick wanted a son, but would be happy either way. He wanted to start his own pest control business. Towards the end of the year, their daughter, Pamela was born. Nick and Irene were happy. "She's great. A little princess, but I hope the next one's a boy." Nick said.

Nick started his own business. He just simply wanted to be his own boss. Irene knew that Nick could be a little chauvistic at times, especially when it came to her, but she loved him. She also knew that he loved her and Pam. Pam was three. She was a very smart and happy little girl. Also, very excitable. Nick and Irene just loved bragging about her to their friends.

Nick finally got his son. Everyone looked at him like he was nuts when he revealed he wanted to name his son, Hermes. "It is the name of the Greek god of swiftness." "Nick, did it occur to you that it may also cause teasing and ridicule after he starts school?" "Oh, he is my son, he can handle it. It'll make him a man." Irene shook her head. She knew she wasn't going to win this one.

Irene was right. Kids in Kindergarden were teasing Hermes with his name. He had came home almost every day, in tears. He was beginning to not want to go to school. She'd have to convince Nick to let them change their son's name. She knew that Nick thought boys shouldn't cry. To him, it was a sign of weakness. Irene would tell Nick that Hermes would stop crying, if he had a normal name. That evening after dinner, they watched Elvis on television. Hermes was in awe. Nick was elated, their son found an idol.

A few weeks later, Irene and the kids decided to approach Nick about changing their son's name. It was a small battle, but he finally gave in. They let the boy choose his own name. He chose Jesse. Nick was surprisely okay with it. They both idolized Elvis. It had been the name of Elvis' twin brother, who died at birth.

Pam came home from school, all excited. "I met a really sweet boy in Geometry class. We have a date Saturday evening." Then Pam went to her room and did her homework. She was looking forward to her date with Danny. Jesse was always getting in trouble. He was grounded. He had put water in the gas tank of their dad's car, with the garden hose. He broke the television while playing football in the house. Nick was mad. But got over it.

"Don't tell Mom and Dad, but I recently snuck into the Smash Club. And Pam, you should of heard the music. I want to start a band." "Jesse, when did you sneak into the Smash Club?" "It was some Friday night recently. I'm not gonna tell you exactly when." "Okay." "Can you teach me to dance? There is a school dance comming up. I want to impress the girls." "Okay, if you're willing to work for it." "Fine. If it improves my social life."

Pam and Danny went to the Prom, then got married. She told her parents. While they were happy, they also thought she was too young. She was so glad her father didn't disown her. She'd been afraid he would. He was the type. A few weeks later, Pam told her family she was having a baby.

At 3:48 A.M. Pam and Danny became parents for the first time. Both their families were in the waiting area. Danny ran to them, all excited. "It's a girl! Mother and baby are both doing great." Everyone followed Danny to Pam's room, so they could all meet the newest member of their family. Danny's best friend, Joey talked them out of naming their baby, Farrah. When Jesse was alone with Pam, he said,"Glad you didn't name the kid, Farrah. Wouldn't want her going through what I went through." "You're right, and Farrah is a hairstyle, and a popular one, but hairstyles change." Donna was our second choice and Jo for Joey. He has been a great friend and saved her from future ridicule. We are calling her D.J. for short, although, I never cared much for initial names."

Danny got a new job as a sports caster. It helped them save enough money to finally buy their dream house. Pam found this cute victorian on Gerard Street that was for sale. They couldn't afford it, before. But, now they could. Danny surprised her by telling her he made an offer on the house. They just had to wait for the real estate agent to call. A week later, Pam got two doses of good news. Their offer on the house they wanted had been accepted, and they were expecting

their second child.

Pam and Danny had their second baby. Another girl. They named her Stephanie. Like Pam, she was very exitable and constantly craved attention. Stephanie would cry, when she thought no one was paying attention to her. Nick was happy, but had secretly hoped for a grandson. He wanted a grandson to take fishing and to ballgames. He never really did those things with Jesse, because Jesse showed no interest in them. Jesse was interested in music, Elvis, his hair, girls, and his Harley. Not much else. He was a rebel. Jesse was a good uncle. He was also getting good at giving advice. Pam knew, that if Jesse ever did settle down, he would be a good husband and father.

Baby number three arrived the third week of November. They named her Michelle. Nick felt the same way he had when Stephanie was born. "Dad, even though Danny and I are not having any more babies, don't give up hope. There's still a chance Jesse will grow up and get married, someday." "I know. I guess we'll all have to encourage him when we meet a woman we think will be a good wife for him. Not like the girls he brings home, with tight dresses, big hair, and too much makeup." Pam laughed. "It'll happen, Dad. I just know it."

We know the rest of the story.
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Re: The Katsopolis Family

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Good story. I always liked Nick and Irene in Full House. :)

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Re: The Katsopolis Family

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I like to look good and your feedback is valuable.

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