Kathy Santoni

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Kathy Santoni

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Anyone remember Kathy Santoni having a baby around 1994? That baby is about 22 now. We don't know if it was a boy or girl, but for this story, I gave her a daughter.

1882 Gerard Street: The Kitchen.
Kimmy's cell phone rings. "Hello, Gibbler Style." "Hey, Gibbler! It's Kathy. I heard about your Event Planning business. I want to hire you. I need you to plan a baby shower for my daughter." "Okay. If you need a DJ, D.J.'s sister, Stephanie, is available." "Sounds good." "Great when do you want to meet?" Kimmy walked into the living room, still on the phone with Kathy."

D.J. walked into the house, humming. "What are you humming about?" "All my life, I felt inferrior to Kathy, even though we were friends. Now, even though she is not quite 40, she is about to become a grandma. I am happy for her, but at the same time, I am glad that it's not me." "I know you said you don't want Jackson to start dating, but you do know he likes Lola?" "I know."

The baby shower was great. Kathy was thrilled to see her old school friends. "D.J., I want you to know that I was never trying to compete with you. You found success. Sorry to hear about your husband." "Thanks. I always felt infertior to you." "Really? You were a good student, editor of the school newspaper, and arrainged several fund raisers. I could never have done that. I felt inferrior to you, too."They both laughed and hugged.

"Great Party, Gibbler!" "Thanks, Kathy." The three of them rememced about old times. "Can you believe that it has been over 20 years since we finished high school?" "I know, unbelievable." "Steve is divorced and interested in me, again." "Wow, Deej. That's great. I am happy for you." "Thanks, Kathy but I just started dating again, it's a little overwhelming."

D.J. and Kimmy went home. "I am glad we got to share memories with Kathy tonight. I learned that she felt inferrior to me, too. Who would have known?" "That's great, Deej. It was nice seeing Kathy again. Maybe we should invite her to our next party." "Yeah."

D.J. knew that since she and Kathy talked, and laid all their cards on the table, that they really would remain friends in the future. All was right with the world.

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