The Katsopolis Men go Fishing

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The Katsopolis Men go Fishing

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Nick wanted a guys day out. He wasn't ever really able to spend time with Jesse, when Jesse was a boy. But now, he is nearly 80. He and Jesse both know he won't live too many more years. So, even Jesse was on board for 4 generations of Katsopolis men to spend the day together. Jesse went to D.J.'s to pick up Jackson and Max. Tommy wasn't old enough to go, yet. Nicky and Alex were also going to show up. They were all going to spend the day fishing and just enjoying themselves.

At the lake, Jesse pulled his truck into the parking lot, next to his dad's car. "Uncle Jesse, do you like fishing?" Max asked. "Not really, but it's important to my dad, so that's why we are here." Nick's face lit up at the sight of his great-grandsons. "Hey guys! Great to see you. Thank you Jesse, for bringing them with you." A few minutes later Nicky and Alex arrived. They told Nick their plans to open a fish taco stand. "So, learning about fish will come in handy for you." Nick said to his grandsons.

"How's the new job going, Jesse?" "Great. I really like it. Listen Dad, I am sorry I didn't want the bug business, all those years ago." "Yeah, that's ancient history. I am retired." "I know. But I know, now how you felt then. Because I wish Nicky and Alex would have some direction. It seems the only thing they learn at college is surfing. Even though they do have a plan for a fish taco stand, I worry."

"Oh, someone help me reel it in!" Shouted Max. Jackson helped his brother reel in his fish." "That's a big one! Way to go Max!" "Thank you Grandpa Nick." Max didn't care to touch the fish, then. He was glad he brought his hand sanitizer. After a few hours, the fish Max caught, remained the biggest of the bunch. The six of them went to clean and cook the fish. As they were eating, Nick said, "I had a great time! We should all get together again! Next time, though maybe we could take in a ball game." "Great!" Everyone said, together. Then Everyone went home. Max couldn't wait to tell his mom, Aunt Stephanie, and Kimmy how he caught the biggest fish of the bunch!"

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Re: The Katsopolis Men go Fishing

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You made me understand many stories up.

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