Pam's Christmas Spirit

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Pam's Christmas Spirit

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1990: Angel Mom

It was Christmas time again. After more then three years, Pam gets to look in on her family. She wishes they would be able to see her. But rules are rules. Pam finds herself at the Tanner house. Even though the house looked pretty much the same, she knew things were different. Suddenly, she spotted the girls. Her eyes first fell upon Michelle. "My baby. Where has the time gone?" Next she spotted DJ, who had become a teenager. Then she seen Stephanie. "My girls are growing up without me." It was all she could do to stop from breaking down. Suddenly, Jesse and a pretty burnette entered. His taste in women has improved. He even looked better with the short hair. Then Joey and Danny came in. They both looked as she remembered them. It occurred to her that Jesse and Joey were now both living there. "I am glad they are helping Danny raise my girls."

Suddenly, Pam saw Michelle look in her direction. No one was supposed to be able to see her. Everyone got busy and left the living room. Michelle stood there, looking at Pam. "Mommy?" DJ and Stephanie had shown her pictures of their mommy. Her baby. The last time Pam saw Michelle, she was just learning to sit up, now she was standing in front of her. Pam kneeled down to Michelle's level. She wanted so badly to take Michelle in her arms and never let her go. "Yes, baby. It's Mommy. I got a pass to visit my family for Christmas. Michelle, you seem to be the only one who can see me." "Do you want me to tell Daddy?" "No sweetie. You must keep this to yourself." Pam knew it would be hard for a four year old to keep a secret.

Jesse and Becky came in from the kitchen. "Hey, Munchkin, who are you talking to?" "The angel." "Oh, you mean the tree top angel." "No. Uncle Jesse. Mommy's angel." "Yes. Your mommy bought that tree top angel the first Christmas after she and your daddy moved into this house." Michelle just shook her head. "They can't see me, baby. Just you." "Why?" "I don't know. Maybe because you are the only one who doesn't remember me."

Pam then heard Jesse and Becky talking about their upcoming wedding. So, her little rebelious brother is finally settling down. She was happy for him. She learned the woman's name was Rebecca. Pam thought it was too bad they would never meet. Becky seemed like the kind of woman she’d be friends with. Definitely the kind of woman Jesse needed.

Michelle wanted to tell her sisters about Mommy's angel. But they wouldn't be able to see her. Just then, DJ and Stephanie came downstairs. "Hey Michelle. What are you doing?" Stephanie asked. Michelle looked at Pam then back at Stephanie. "Nothing." Pam also couldn’t wrap her mind around DJ being a teenager. She wondered how Danny was handling it. She remembered Danny being overprotective of the girls.

That night Pam looked in on her family while they slept. She wanted to kiss her girls goodnight, before returning to Heaven. She needed to see Michelle one last time. She liked the pencil bed in Michelle's room. "Michelle, I have to go, now. But just remember, I will always be with you. Even when you can't see me. I love you. Goodbye, my sweet baby." "Bye Mommy." Michelle went back to sleep.

The next morning was Christmas Day. Everyone opened their gifts. Then, there were seven gifts left, no one knew where they came from. Michelle looked at the Christmas tree. She just knew Mommy had left the gifts. There was even one for Becky. "Merry Christmas, Mommy. I love you." Michelle whispered. Everyone went to get dressed for their annual Christmas party.

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Re: Pam's Christmas Spirit

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Great story! Very touching.

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