Stephanie and Gia

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Mr. Woodchuck
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Stephanie and Gia

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I'm going to start writing a story about Stephanie and Gia and how they start to become this sort of "bad girl" image at the end of season 8. Obviously, Stephanie isn't this "bad girl," but we easily see the impact of Gia on Stephanie, and vice versa. We've seen how Gia has rubbed off a bit on Steph, and I wanted to concentrate on this Stephanie moving forward and maybe connect it to Fuller House where Stephanie basically becomes the next cool and popular and hip DJ. I think it would make a good story.

Some of the ways in which Stephanie has fallen to peer pressure at times:

*Jennifer and Jennifer and getting her ears pierced
*dressing like Gia where her dad catches her and asks her to change her clothes
*riding in the car with older guys with Gia

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Re: Stephanie and Gia

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In case you're a major Full House fan, at that point you most likely recall Stephanie's grieved companion, Gia Mahan. Despite the fact that she was a defiant youthful youngster, we really wanted to like her, only a tad. She was cheeky and she was cool, however, she likewise had what's coming to her of frailties. At last, she was somebody we could identify with on the show. Where, before, Full House was known for its blissfully healthy family picture, Gia shook all that up with her contention and dramatization and gave the demonstrate another sort of edge. What's more, we adored each moment of it. Despite the fact that she was just a minor character, she extremely influenced the general subject of the show for the last two seasons. While the arrangement still continued showing us an awesome new good every week, the life lessons the show informed turned out to be less concerning being called names in school and more about the associate strain to smoke cigarettes and get in an auto with a foolhardy driver.

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