Campout (Slumber Party)

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Campout (Slumber Party)

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Max came home, upset. "What's wrong?" "I don't want to go to the Badgers overnight campout." Max ran to his room. "Jackson, didn't your dad take you to your overnight campout with the Badgers?" "Yes, it's for father's and sons." "I'll call Steve, maybe he can take him. A few minutes later, Max's phone rings. "Max. It's Steve. I hear you have an overnight campout to attend." "Campouts get you dirty and you sleep outside." "Oh, well then I guess you don't need me to go with you?" "You'd do that? Thanks, Steve. Pick me up on Saturday. Bye."

Saturday arrived. Max was feeling great. His phone rang. "Max. It's Steve. I have a foot emergency, so I am sorry. I don't think I can make it." "That's okay. Thanks. I didn't really want to go, anyway." Kimmy came in, just then. "Hey Max. Shouldn't you be getting ready for your campout?" "No. Steve had a foot emergency. He can't make it." "Sorry. Hey, I can go with you!" "You would be the only girl there." "I Know." "Well, I guess. If you don't mind?" "It'll be fun. You'll see."

At the campsite, (The troop leader's backyard) everyone was surprised Max brought Kimmy. "Steve couldn't make it." They played a few games. Max wasn't having fun. "'Thanks for bringing me Kimmy, but this isn't fun for me. I want to go home." "You haven't given it a chance." "I don't want too!" With that, Max ran straight home. Kimmy followed.

"Max? What's going on?" "Nothing. I don't have a dad!" He ran to his room. DJ started after him. "DJ, let me talk to him, I've been through this with the Honeybee slumber party." Stephanie got to the boys' room. "Max, I know how you feel. When I was eight, there was a mother-daughter Honeybee slumber party. Aunt Becky offered to take me. It was before she was married to Uncle Jesse, so she didn't live here, yet. She had car trouble and couldn't make it. Joey went with me. It was embarrassing, but he meant well. Your mom talked to me. She told me to think about what we had, that others didn't. She even went back to the slumber party with me." Just then, Jackson came into the room. "I'll leave you guys to talk." "Hey. I know I went to the campout with Dad, but there are times when I see other boys with their dad's and feel the way you do. If you want to go back to the campout, I'll go with you." "Really?! Thanks, Jackson!" Max jumped up, and hugged his brother.

"Kimmy, it was a sweet thing you did for Max." "Thanks, Stephanie. That means a lot, coming from you." Just then, the boys entered the living room. "We are going back to the campout." "Okay, have fun, boys." "Thanks, Mom." Max stopped, "Thanks Kimmy. I know you meant well." He hugged Kimmy, then left with Jackson. "Those are really great boys. We are doing okay, girls." Stephanie and Kimmy agreed.The three women went to the kitchen, talking excitingly.

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Re: Campout (Slumber Party)

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Slumber Party the other way around. ;)
Good story, I enjoyed reading it. :)

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