Pam Lives.

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Pam Lives.

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"Joey, when Stephanie gave you permission to use her room as your science lab, I am sure she didn't expect this mess. What ate you making, anyway?" "My comedy career has come to a standstill, and no one is looking for a substitute teacher. I thought I would try building a time machine so I can go back in time to become a famous comic." "Does it work?" "I don't know, yet." "Test it on someone or something." "Why the sudden interest?" "I would go back in time to prevent Mom's accident." "DJ, no. Too many lives would be altered. Jesse and I would never have moved in. Jesse probably wouldn't have grew up and met Becky." "This is not just for me. It's for Stephanie and Michelle too. Especially Michelle." Joey sighed. He reluctantly agreed. "Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you."

June 1987
Adult DJ found herself standing in front of Pam's favorite coffee shop on Frazer Street. She remembered that day.She had been at Kimmy's, Stephanie had been at ballet class, and Michelle had been with Grandma Katsopolis. Her dad had been stuck at work. She entered the coffee shop. There, sitting at a table near the window, was her mom. DJ wasn't exactly sure how to proceed. She walked up to Pam, just to make conversation. "Hi. I like your necklace." "Thanks. I am Pam Tanner." DJ couldn't tell her mom who she was, but she also didn't want to lie to her mother. "I'm Donna Fuller." Not a lie, just left out the 'Jo'. "Nice to meet you. Want to sit down?" "Sure." "I am going to have to stop at the store, before going home. Need to get something for dinner." "You could order delivery.I plan to for my family." Home is the opposite direction from the store, so Pam wouldn't be near the drunk driver. "Yes, but still there are things I need at the store." Keep her here as long as possible. Her head told her.

"So, Donna, are you married?" "I'm a widow. My husband was a firefighter. He died in the line of duty." "Oh. Sorry for your loss." "Thanks. My three sons and I are doing okay. I have a friend and one of my sisters helping me." DJ showed Pam pictures of her boys. "Your middle son, kind of reminds me of my husband." "Really? What about you? Any kids?" "Yes. Three daughters. In fact, my oldest is named Donna, too. Donna Jo. We call her DJ." "Nice." "Yeah. I like this place. I love being a mom, but I would always stop here after dropping DJ off at school. And now that summer vacation has started, I just needed a little time." "I understand. I need time away from my boys, sometimes, too. It is hard, since I work at a pet clinic. I'm a vet." "That sounds exciting." "It is. I love it. Do you work?" "No. I am a housewife." Pam showed DJ pictures of her girls. Even though she had seen them all, before, she looked at them with interest.

DJ realized it was getting late. Her mom will eventually need to leave to pick up Stephanie and Michelle. Fortunately, the dance school and Grandma's house we're also in opposite direction from the market. "It's getting late. I guess I can wait to go to the store, tomorrow. I need to get my middle daughter from dance class, and my baby from my parents." "Yeah, I guess I should go, too."

DJ found herself back in Stephanie's room, with Joey. "Did I do it? Did In save Mom?" "What?" "Joey, you sent me back to 1987. The day of Mom's accident." "DJ, your mom is fine. What accident?" Not really hearing him, DJ got out her cell phone to see if her mom was on her contacts list. As she was checking, she asked if he'd seen Uncle Jesse, recently. DJ closed her eyes for a second. She had actually done it. Her mom was listed on her contacts. And it turned out, Jesse and Becky still met. He happened to be visiting, when Danny introduced Becky to the family. Pam had saw the sparks between them, and played matchmaker for them. DJ breathed a sigh of relief. Her mom was alive. She dialed her mom's number. "Hey Mom. Guess what? Tommy took his first steps, today! It is still exciting, even with the third child." "I know. I was just as excited when Michelle started walking, as I was when you and Stephanie started." They talked about the boys, and made plans to meet soon.

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Re: Pam Lives.

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Amazing! :) I wonder if Tommy Fuller sr. is alive in this universe? And will there be a sequel? ;)

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