A bunch of thoughts on season 2

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A bunch of thoughts on season 2

Post by dtf955 »

What better thing to do when your ears are still stuffed with wax and you're taking medicine after a bad cold, than to have whole season you can watch in 1.5 days. I'll be going back to see things I liked in each episode more slowly later, but for now...

It isn't often you get everything you would want. Baseball got that in many ways with the 2016 World Series, but otherwise, not too common.
"Fuller House" seemed to deliver on almost everything we wanted, especially since I didn't really have to see Michelle back as long as mention was made of her - I have a wide enough range of cousins and nieces and nephews where event he ones who live close don't always make it for Thanksgiving/Christmas. 9And it seemed like a couple episodes were written so if they'd wanted they could have had her appear at the very end.)
That wish list included:
1. Matt to show how great he is with the kids so he could overtake Steve. I grew to like the idea of Steve for TVU and a Point of Departure giving us NetU, but Steve was always great with the younger kids and I needed to see Matt be the same. He was by the ep. where they all got food poisoning, and him taking care of everyone was the icing on the cake. (I realized this summer that his letting Jackson work off that credit card debt so nicely was the start of his showing he's great with kids.) So, yes, I gave Team Matt room to overtake Team Steve and how he could, and he did.

2. High school. Let's face it, Kimmy had to have caused so many funny things, and my story "The Making of a President" tried to show what kinds of stuff could have been, but I wanted to see the writers try to work with it. They did very well with the reunion episode.
2a. By the way, a very close friend had a class that never got around to a 10th so had a 10+2 reunion one year. this is quite possible for them to have it when they did, if not common.

3. Much less alcohol shown. I don't mind some but season 1 seemed to have too much, because you don't need it to have a good time. As I predicted, they eliminated most of it. No more needs said here because I pretty much expected it, but I did want to praise them for reverting to a more muted level

4. Fernando was much more enjoyable without the arguing; I liked him much better here. Steph is the Jesse of the 3 ladies, but Fernando may turn out to be the Jesse of the series when it comes to character growth. Even if not, though, he is much funnier when not trying to hard and causing the fights with Kimmy over ladies.

5. Old friends were back.Viper and Nelson seemed plausible, and while I thought Nelson went to a private school, his presence didn't phase me a bit - not just because Viper was also there, but because I figured he probably owned a company connected with it or was a big football team booster and thus got a ticket. Gia makes sense and we sort of figured Steph had helped her start to turn around, yet she still had a bit of that edge, very plausible. Duane... well, having heard a speaker at my church with bad cerebral palsy who goes around speaking, I can actually see going with the idea that Duane had some sort of developmental delay and overcame it to become a motivational speaker. Note that we don't know how long it took him to get through Harvard, for instance.

6. Great mentions of more related "Full Hosue" episodes, such as first kisses, and they don't say where Michelle is but as noted, it's not uncommon for people to have other engagements.

7. Kimmy's family appearing, or at least Jimmy, her younger brother - yes, he's clearly said to be younger (so as a friend said, Kimmy saying they stopped having kids after her can be chalked up to Kimmy being Kimmy) and that Steph hadn't seen him sicne he was a "scrawny little kid," so it's unlikely he was older given the term. There's a joke about Jimmy having a crush on Steph sicne they were little kids and his favorite memory was of her playing the guitar - but the reply "that was half an hour ago" and when she learned to play (13, hardly little) shows that was a joke, though if you want to argue the first part wasn't and he was just 1-2 years younger that's logical, as noted, Cousin Steve in Season 1 of "Full House" had a bit change from 15 to 17, so if Steph left right after high school, she wouldn't have seen him.
It's also said he and Danny haven't seen each other in "20 years" but people approximate all the time, and can be a few years off. The Gibblers might have moved once he graduated or before. Givien he's a gibbler, it's possible he's Michelle's age, but to have traveled the world with his photography, he's likely not much younger than Michelle. his comment about their parents callign creamed spinch "ice cream" when Kimmy and he were little but not mentioning Garth is logical if they were pretty far apart in age and he only really knew of Kimmy growing up.
Now, other comments on the family, continuity, and then just general comments about a few episodes with spoiler warnings.

1. Joey's family is about like I'd expect with humor and wildness, as he was never that consistent with boundaries.

2. I mentioned that season 1 likely took place the previous year. Now, Tommy Fuller, Jr.seems to prove, based on development it first steps and word, that it could have been early in the following year, that is, 2016. I said there seemed to be a necessary divide between episodes, though, with the last 11 within 5-6 weeks. If you figure it's not right on the Bay, though, and it was really warm in December, though, you could have time lengths just approximations the way many people talk. According to WebMD, you shouldn't be concerned unless your baby isn't walking by 18 months. Having him 14 or 15 months where Steph is holding onto him walking is perfect, but a May birthday for Tommy is a little much. I suppose you could theoretically have him born a week or two before those first couple episodes, no, hand have them in early August, but school starts in mid-august in California. So there isn't much time.
The actor not being the character combined with a strong El Nino to give us what we need. Indeed, it was 60 here in NE Ohio Christmas Eve. (Won't be this year!) So, the end can be Valentines Day after all. Happy Time Travel, Charlie Brown!

3. Is D.J. pulling a Kimmy with her birthday at a different time? It was clearly March of 1977.
No, here's why.
It could be argued they're going all out here because at her actual 39th they were too busy and realized they were too close to 40 and about to miss out - and if you say Stephanie just found that "before 40" thing and just did it because that converged with NKOTB touring I won't quibble, that makes a lot of sense.
However, I note that this is a standalone episode and can take place in March, more easily than the original can be moved. And, yes, I know she'd be 40 in 2017 - I mean that it is the 1st episode of season 2 chronologically.
But, yeah, it makes more sense to say they just planned it on a whim being too close to her 40th and with Steph having just found that.

4. Danny is a tougher case - his birthday is clearly in December, 1987 and you can't move it before Pam's death. (I take Steph saying Pam died when she was 4 as her blocking out the actual event when she was 5.)
However, remember how he responded to turning 30. He was really depressed. It could be that Danny said "consider yourself a year older to get it over with." That makes a lot of sense for him, learning to accept the inevitable by just getting it done - that way he has power over when he does it.

Now, beware of SPOILERS

1. Animals again provide great comedy, this time with Max's chickens and a tarantula. And, the thought just hit me that Lola owns a tarantula and a snake. Paging Wendy Tanner for a Season 3 meeting with her.

2. We doing the Chronology told people they had 3 bathrooms! :-) (Proven in the episode where all get sick from the doughnuts.) Further proving the episode at the end of season 7 was a dream when D.J. said there was just 1. Absence of evidence (of bathrooms) does not indicate evidence of absence. Ask the crew of the Starship Enterprise. :lol:

3. Jesse and Becky talk about adopting - interesting that Jesse never considered an older child. Then again, even in the Chronology the kids they adopt are 3 and then 1.5. Since so many are awaiting adoption, it's nice to see that the baby they bring home at the end of the last episode looks bi-racial (though since I'm legally blind I'll note that she could also be black or Middle Eastern or from the Indian subcontinent, it's hard for me to see really well), obviously old enough to hold her head up so several months old at least, maybe a year, again, with my vision, be glad you can see for yourself and don't have to rely on my guessing. :) .

4. Steph being afraid of losing someone makes sense and still lets her get close to Sam in the BU, because she recognizes someone needs help. It's like they say about how the best way to forget your own problems is to help someone with theirs. There's also the idea that subconsciously, she's giving her what she misses most, as that ability to form a loving bond is still there, and she's able to help form it herself.
Having to move in with D.J. probably is what brings her out of something of a shell at first in TVU(and obviously NetU), whereas because they're already roommates in BU due to that 4th bedroom office, D.J. can help more at first there, too. Perhaps this causes D.J. to be more proactive as well; little 5hings Steph keeps her awake at night talking about those first weeks before the guys move in can have an impact.
As for future relationships in TVU, there are some butterflies that could flap their wings and cause changes that let her marry in that universe, just like with other stuff. Seeing D.J. and Steve marry because of that kiss at the prom like in my one story may inspire her, to try, for instance.

Okay, enough sounding like Danny rambling, those are my thoughts, and overall it was a great season. I'm really looking forward to more.

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Re: A bunch of thoughts on season 2

Post by ILoveFullHouse »

I noticed the discontinuity with the birthdays. I think, because Candace and Bob had their round birthdays this year, they also wanted to have it in the show. With Steph being 4 years old when Pam died, I think that was just a mistake.

I'm very satisfied with season 2. It was funny, touching and more serious to me than season 1. Season 1 was good, but it had much of a soap opera. ;) Season 2 had less of this.
Fernando was much more likable than in season 1. If he stays this way, he can marry Kimmy again. ;)

I'm almost completely happy with how things worked out this season:
-It is so wonderful that Jesse and Becky named their adopted child after Pam! :)
-Steph and Jimmy are a great couple. Jimmy is a very sensitive person. If Steph really can't get own kids (and I think this won't change), an adoption is a wonderful idea.
-Steve was much more likable to me than in season 1. I wouldn't mind if he and DJ would be a couple again in the future. But I'm happy that DJ and Matt are a couple right now.
-Jackson and Lola are a nice couple. Max and Rose are, too. ;) :)
-The only thing I'm not happy with: Ramona and Bobby together? Come on! :o Bobby was often mean, although he has also a likable side.

To the guest appearances:
-It's always nice to see Bob, Dave, John and/or Lori appear.
-Marla Sokoloff's guest appearance was great. :) With the "new" Nelson and Kathy Santony, I wasn't too happy. And I never liked Viper... ;)

Nevertheless, I was very happy with this season and hope for a season 3. :)

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Re: A bunch of thoughts on season 2

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Yes. Stephanie was 5. Not 4 when Pam died.

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