Re: When DJ met Kimmy and the events before Full House

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Re: When DJ met Kimmy and the events before Full House

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Pam noticed DJ was quiet all the way home. As soon as they entered their house through the kitchen, Pam decided to talk to DJ about it. "DJ, what's wrong?" "There's this girl in my class that no one wants to play with. The other kids think she's weird. Should I befriend her?" "DJ, you are an amazing kid. Everyone could use a friend. Even weird people." "Thanks, Mom. Can you bake your famous chocolate chip cookies?" "Sure. I will pack a few extras in your lunch, tomorrow. You can share them with your new friend."

The next day at lunch, DJ approached the girl. "Hi. May I sit with you?" The other girl just nodded, as she chewed on her sandwich. DJ smiled and sat down. Neither of them spoke, they just sat there, eating their lunch. After about five minutes of silence, DJ finally spoke. "I'm Donna Jo Tanner. People call me DJ." The girl looked at her and smiled. "I'm Kimberly Louise Gibbler. People call me Kimmy." "My mom packed some extra cookies in my lunch. We can share them if you want?" "Thank you! I just know we are going to be best friends!"

"Mom, you are never going to believe this, but the Gibbler's are our new neighbors. They bought the house next door." DJ's dad, Danny came in just then. "That's great, honey." Though he didn't actually feel that way, he had to admit DJ having a real friend, was better than her imaginary duck, Norton. And DJ was the type of friend, Kimmy needed. At age eight, DJ didn't want to play much with her three year old, sister, Stephanie, who was constantly craving attention."

"I don't want Kimmy here!" "Stephanie!" "She's my best friend!" "I don't like it! Who's gonna play with me?!" Pam pulled the three year old onto her lap. "I will. Just as soon as I finish my lunch." "Okay, Mommy. I'm gonna go play with my new dolly." Stephanie wasn't sure she'd ever get used to DJ playing with anyone other than her, but her mommy says it's good to have friends outside the family. And, that someday, she will have friends, too. She thought about this. There were several kids in her preschool class that she liked.

Kimmy found DJ sitting in her backyard, crying. "Deej, what's wrong?" "My mom is dead! Dad said she was killed by a drunk driver." "Oh, Deej. I'm sorry. Do you want to be alone?" "No. Stay with me, please." "Sure." Kimmy sat next to DJ, and hugged her friend.

"Can't Grandma stay?" "No. She needs to go home. My dad misses her. Besides, your Uncle Jesse and my best friend, Joey are moving in, today." "I can't believe I have to share my room with a five year old." "DJ! I get to live with DJ!" Stephanie said, bouncing around the living room." "I need to check on Michelle. Grandma should have breakfast ready. You girls go eat. I'll be down after I check on the baby." After breakfast, Grandma cleaned up the kitchen. She went back upstairs to say goodbye to Michelle. Her taxi was here, ready to take her to the airport. Danny had taken her bags out. It had been great being here, for her son and granddaughters, these last three months. She was worried since Danny was having two friends with no experience in raising children, moving in to help. "I hope he knows what he's doing." She said to herself. But, she knew in her heart that it would all work out.

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Re: Re: When DJ met Kimmy and the events before Full House

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I like this story.

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