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Forum rules

Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:25 pm
by Full House Forever
After the recent flood of spammers and deleting some other posts that contained content I'd rather not see on the forums, I decided to add a page with forum rules to the forum, which you can find here: app.php/rules.

The forum rules are still under development, and I think the best way to create them is together with the people that make te forum. So in this topic, we can discuss which rules should and shouldn't apply on the Full House Forum. The final decision however, will be made by me.

For now, I have added rules for the usage of external links:
1. Allowed links
External links are allowed, but only when they are ontopic and:
Are used to link to a source of information used in a post;
Contain additional information that relates to the topic;
2. Links that are not allowed:

The following type links are not allowed:
Referral links, links to webshops or other links that give the poster any kind of direct or indirect profit, unless these links are beneficial to the forums and the forum administrator has given permission prior to posting the links;
Links to websites containing sensitive content such as, but not limited to, gambling, sexuality or any illegal content;
I'd like to hear what you think about these rules.

Furthermore, I'm thinking about rules for posting (including restrictions on content of posts in line with the link rules). Are there any other subjects you think should be addressed?