The 1970s explode in Gibbler home and more, plus bold (wacky) prediction

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The 1970s explode in Gibbler home and more, plus bold (wacky) prediction

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various rambling thoughts...

First, I'm legally blind so that may be impacting my ability to find the part of my profile to add a flag - since I can't seem to find it, if this is a new requirement please add an American one for me. Thanks.

This request was brought to you by Crayola, the thought they were building a crayon factory one day next to the Tanners' future home, but it was really just Gibbler decorating.

So, the explosion of color inside the house, with the gaudy designs and all, was not unexpected. Fernando said he got it cheap - he spoke then of restoring it like the original, but I don't know how he could afford that. If by "resotore" he just meant cleaning, etc., I can believe that.

I recall with one really wild cousin back in the early '90s, our county fair had one of those Velcro things people culd play on and our grandpa joked about sticking that one cousin to it. I never would have imagined sucha thing would be used anywhere - but of course, it's the Gibblers.

I loved Jesse with Ramona's hair and all the other craziness. He's old enough he could be considered to hve gone into Grandpa mode forgetting how he did stuff as a dad. This isn't uncommon given the number of grandparents I kno wraising their grandkids, too.

Did Joey suddenly remember cleaning used as a punishment by Danny - or as I've shown in fanfic, by D.J. on michelle? The way those kids cleaned stuff in that episode in the one scene, I can imagine so.

They established Max's birthday with his passport - I wonder if they used Elias Harger's. BTW, funny passport photo!

Can I just say i am not a fan of cliffhangers where there's months till the resolution? I need more closure that's all. So, I'm withholding judgment till the 2nd half airs, but I'm afraid with all I invested in hoping Tam matt would overcome some deficits and prove Matt worthy in Season 2 (he did) and that they'd just stay a couple like int he start of Season 3, now I'm worried he and D.J. will split up and she'll be responsible for Steve and C.J. not marrying. I don't want that to happen - I want Steve and C.J. to be together, D.J. and matt can do whatever .

Okay, I guess I said more than that after all.

I loved the episode with the unicorn a la "Goodbye Mr. Bear" where Stephanie also presents Mr. Bear to Max, I'm glad they show he's heard of this legend.

I won't spoil it anymore except to say I didn't like Kimmy and Fernando always fighting in Season 1, but the same episode featured them trying to one-up each other for her love ina more comical way, which I is okay. One-upmanship can be done so hilariously; in one of my Print On Demand books, "The Title of Extraordinary Length" (on and a few other places as ebooks if not all over yet) I have a couple brothers argue over their love for one of the Mary Sue candidates with hilarious results.

In fact, it reminded me of that when a trip to Paris was promised - I expected Kimmy to offer to biuild a moon base for her.

Also, not saying which episode but I guess Kimmy never learned with the donkey, becasue... who buys a pony from a van but a Gibbler.

And who has a clean pie eating contest but Danny tanner? I humor with all the couples was great.

They handled Steph's broken leg or ankle or whichever it was so well, had this been a '70s show with no advance notice of stuff, I don't know if many people would presume the actress had one in real life. Well, till it became recurring after a couple weeks.

Did Kimmy ever think of putting Joey's kids on that Velcro thing?

Oh, in the one where the guys play basketball in season 2, Jesse4 says he 'stashed the girls at the Gibblers." (D.J. apparently was grounded so couldn't babysit is my guess.) That is still possibly correct - the ghost thing means Step could have been scared to go over go Mrs. Gibbler, after telling Jesse she'd take them over there, just went over to the Tanners to watch them. Or, maybe Jesse said "with."

Everything else seems very consistent with the original series. It probably was a little too convenient for her love of veternary medicine to stem from Comet's birth, now that I think about it, though my uncle wanted to be a bone doctor (which he is) ever since seeing a Life magazine article about childrenw tih club feet when he was 8. So, D.J. wanting to since she was 10, but trying all those other possible careers as a normal teenager trying everything works well.

Come to think of it, she does seem pretty calm and knows how to do some stuff in that episode, though it's obviously in hindsight.

Fernando seemed more annoying, but I'll trade that for a look at the Gibbler home any day.And, cotton candy on the cob?

And now...
------------------------- we wait for the 2nd half...

Wait, C.J.'s stepdad lives in Japan. So, does this mean we meet him?

Rose's cuteness is one reason I want C.J. to stay around, I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for shows with kids int hem.

Why does Joey show up with what looks like a load of laundry in one episode, as per the trailer? Of coruse, knowing Danny, if he arranged it he would want everything to be exactly the same.

Tommy Jr. has a few lines, it's great to see him growing.

Did Jesse's parents divorce or did the mother die? A friend thinks the former is quite possible, I say the latter only because the mom was more often the babysitter in early seasons of "FullHouse." Then again, she was watching a girl, Michelle, so maybe it makes sense they'd choose Nick.

Michelle wasn't mentioned - I predicted she would be mentioned as babysitting Tommy Jr. but not appear on set becasue they drop him off with her and she then goes to the house. It'll be interesting if they reference her like in the first couple seasons.

At this point I'd settle for her narrating an episode just to have her voice. I tweeted that idea a few days ago to Jeff Franklin, a la "How I Met Your Mother," because then they wouldn't have to appear. No reply, but I didn't expect one - he must get thousands per day around now.

I know schools tarts earlier in California than 30 years ago, but if C.J. calls it "the end of summer" in the first episode, even meaning summer break, that 30th anniversary has to be the one right after they get back, right? How many episodes can take place over less than a week? 3-4 tops I'd think. Then again, "summer fun" as a theme can extend to Labor Day.

I was hoping steph would adopt, especially with the number of older kids needing adoption, but there have been few surrogacy situations on sitcoms, so that's still good. And, when you think about it, there *have* been older kid adopions on a variety of other TV shows from back in the '70s and early '80s, though one set of brothers beign adopted (Diff'rent Strokes) was as a result of the deceased mother's will.

Kimmy as Steph's surrogate, as another suggested, would be fun, I just question how well a 40-year-old mother would carry a child as a surrogate. I'd think one more in her late 20s or early 30s would be best.

Weird thought - Michelle as the surrogate! Allowing them to reference her, have her not around becasue she's so busy with that and her clothing empire, and... okay, probably not going to happen. but, you have to admit I'm thinking outside the box. And she'd be a clear member of the show the same way Pam was with phone calls to her, etc. but her never on screen. that's how I'd do it as the writer if I knew I wasn't going to have Michelle appear anyway. Steph would fly there to make it more private and not such a big fuss, etc..

It's one of thsoe comments that nobody will remember and everyone laughs off if it doesn't happen, but if it does, everyone remembers, so why not? :) I did once predict the Super Bowl right before the season began for my high school newspaper - I had the Giants over Denver instead of the Bears because I was worried about McMahon's health, which had never been good before '85.

And, yes, I readily admit that the Giants overcoming the Bears in '86 was a lot more likely then Michelle as the surrogate mom. but you never know.

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Re: The 1970s explode in Gibbler home and more, plus bold (wacky) prediction

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To Jesse's parents: I asked me the same question. As far as I know, the actress who played Jesse's mother is still alive. But she's now 80, and maybe she isn't healthy enough for acting anymore. Anyway, I was happy to see John Aprea again after so many years. :)
I'm happy with the first half of this season, although there are some unsolved questions. Of course I'm curious how the DJ-Matt-Steve-CJ-storyline is going on. I like Matt, but I also liked Steve in season 2 and also 3 so far (in season 1, he was horrible). Jeff Franklin said in an interview he wants to fix some things that have been gone wrong in the seasons 6-8 from Full House. This could mean DJ and Steve become a couple again...
Also, I'm curious if Steph's babywish becomes true. I hope it! :) I also wonder who will be the surrogate. If it would be Kimmy, it would be interesting... ;)
We already know that Vicky will appear in the second half. Since Danny and Teri broke up, Danny and Vicky might be a couple again, perhaps even with marriage...
The most interesting new character in this season-half was clearly Gia's daughter Rocki. I like her more and more from episode to episode and I wonder if she and Jackson might become a couple. Also I wonder if Lola will appear again in Fuller House. According to imdb, Ashley Liao doesn't appear in season 3 anymore (but Landry Bender does)...
One last word: I'm very happy that Ramona broke up with Popko! :mrgreen: I didn't like him.

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Re: The 1970s explode in Gibbler home and more, plus bold (wacky) prediction

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I am surprised Kimmy decorated the attic, quite normal, after seeing her house. Kimmy's family was rather strange. I wonder what her parents did for a living.

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