Olsen twins not invited to season 3

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Re: Olsen twins not invited to season 3

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It seemed like they'd pretty much given up on having them, so while I haven't read the whole article I did see there was one where it said Mr. Franklin had said he'd pretty much given up. (Maybe same one)

I posted on Wtitter a bit ago about how Michelle could still be like my ggg-aunt Kate. She made a lot in real estate (as a single woman, came to US from Ireland at about 9). My great-grandpa went up to visit during the Depression in 1934 after having written her (they didn't have a phone then) and she gave them the money to save the home after he'd lost his job and all other avenues had been explored.

If Michelle wouldn't be the surrogate, it'd be nice to have her mentioned as giving the money. It'd be a nice way to include her character and acknowledge that, okay, she's far away, she's got a lot of money, but in an emergency, she'll be there for them.

Those on Twitter and Facebook, let's keep this trend going, I don't know if they can include any throwaway lines in Season 3's 2nd half but maybe in season 4. #Michellemention or something like that.

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