Bold Predictions for the rest of season 3 (spoilers)

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Mr. Woodchuck
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Bold Predictions for the rest of season 3 (spoilers)

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Now that I've seen the first nine episodes, here are my predictions:

1. In a whirlwind of events, DJ will end up with Steve and CJ will end up with Matt.

I think Jeff Franklin will go with a plan like this so none of the characters are disappointed. There's rarely ever been an instance (if ever) where Franklin has isolated one of the characters or made them completely vengeful. He usually writes the script in a way that everyone wins. In this instance, DJ wins, Steve wins, and nostalgia wins. Matt and CJ don't necessarily win, but they don't lose either, because they have each other.

Why did I end up with this conclusion? If Jeff Franklin has CJ and Steve get married, Steve basically has no more point in the show. The whole reason Steve exists as a viable character is because of DJ's love for him. Take their love away and Steve and CJ as a couple would just leave the whole Fuller family spotlight.

DJ and Steve together would bring back nostalgia. Steve and CJ together eliminates nostalgia, and the whole basis of "Fuller House" is nostalgia. That nostalgia is gone if DJ and Steve aren't chasing each other. I don't think DJ will marry Steve- I just think they will be together. If DJ marries Steve, then the show should just basically end. Like Kimmy said, it would be a fairy tale ending.

2. Jackson will end up with Rocki

Lola breaking up with Jackson paves the way for Jackson to date Rocki. Although Rocki comes in as a sort of "tough-like" character that really isn't likable, Franklin has a way of tying two opposite characters together (Kimmy/DJ, Jackson/Popko, Max/Fernando). We start seeing Rocki begin to come around and like the family, and although she mentions her distaste, she begins to fit in and even enjoy it. Plus, she's Gia's daughter, so how much more nostalgic can Franklin get?

3. Danny will end up with Vicky

In season 3 we find out Danny breaks up with Terry. This is the perfect time for Franklin to bring back Vicky. Already Franklin has brought back recurring characters (Gia, Viper, Nelson, Duane) and Vicky happened to be more than just a minor character in the past. I wouldn't be surprised if she came back.

4. Stephanie won't have a child

I'm really hoping this is the case anyway. There's too many kids in the show. It's becoming a show about babies, which is weird. Also, the main sitcom was very much about an unusual family, but still with similar family traditions. Becky and Jesse adopting a baby was out of the ordinary, as would Stephanie becoming a mother without being married. Sounds more like it' becoming a show about a broken up family, and that's not what it should be. I think there comes a time when the "full house" becomes a bit "too full."

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Re: Bold Predictions for the rest of season 3 (spoilers)

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Well, when Jesse and Becky had the twins, there were 5 kids in the house. Jesse and Becky are not in every episode, so baby Pamela won't be either. There are currently 4 kids in the house, adding 1 more, won't hurt. Besides, as of season 5, of Full House, there were 4 adults living in the house. The original intention of Full House was going to be about 3 men raising kids, but the focus got shifted to the kids. On Fuller House, the focus has stayed on the adults, so far.

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Re: Bold Predictions for the rest of season 3 (spoilers)

Post by ILoveFullHouse »

To 1.: Agree to DJ and Steve, not so sure about Matt and CJ. Do they really suit each other?
To 2.: Agree
To 3.: Agree
To 4.: Not so sure. Maybe the first try fails, but a second try succeeds. I agree to Owlnut, another child wouldn't hurt. And Fuller House, although it's also nostalgic, moves with the times. Baby Pamela's adoption shows that.
By the way, I wonder how many seasons Fuller House will have finally. I think there will be a season 4, but more? Maybe the 4th and possibly last season ends with DJ and Steve marrying and Steph getting a child? Would be a great series final! :)

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