Season 3.5 comments

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Season 3.5 comments

Post by dtf955 »

So, I got over my cold fast enough, got up early enough, and got enough done on my project yesterday afternoon and evening - with our inner city ministry in between - I was able to watch the season. Well, the season point five. So, I should have just promised it right after instead of makinga thread title tht I dojn't think I can change.

Anyway, some thoughts.

Okay, what happened in Japan is about what i expected. Well, except for D.J. fishing a ring out of a fish after jumping over a small waterfall and a few other things. Although Kimmy dancing with Fernando and mixing disco with traditional Japanese dance was, while surreal, somewhat expected.

How scary is it when you can guess what Kimmy might do?

From jsut watching the Japan episode, I hope Rose is in more episodes, Max indicates they're in the same class at school. Plus she's really fun and TV doesn't have lots of great examples of girl characters her age.

Is it still right to call it "TV" anymore if it's just an offshoot? If not, what do we call the whole TV/Netflix/what's next set of entertainment?

obviously Danny wasn't born in 1908; but they didn't have garage sales back then either so it was obviously his joke. In fact, they may not have invented garages.

Kimmy's version of the "Miss Susie"hand-clapping rhyming thingy (yes, that's what I call them) is a bit different and a bit longer than I remember my friend sharing in the late '70s, but that's logical being 2/3 of the way across the continent; such things rarely have one set way to do it. Plus he may have heard the boys' version. Or, Kimmy made one up.

Someone better warn Rocki that wasn't her mom, but Kathy Santoni, who was partying under the bleachers. Of course, Kathy knew about it the first day of 7th grade, but still...

And, she could have been joking, I am a tad overprotective; yes, even of TV characters. As my cousin said 20 years ago, I am a real life Danny Tanner in some ways. :-)

Speaking of growing up in the '70s/early '80s, it was great hearing Girl Talk do (an even older) song I remember well from the radio back then. And, obviously Gia knew it, too, so Steph had some pretty good influence on her, just like Jackson had some on Rocki.

Hmmm, Max might have a new girlfriend - or does he? He doesn't mind a little kiss of Rose's hand, but Dakota seems to turn him off some.

Who's worse, Dakota or Becky's annoying cousins' girls Debbie and Darla? i thought Dakota but...she might order her mom around but she's at least a little more courteous than they were. By the way, my 200th episode here ... th-Episode was a perfect way to set them straight and have great flashbacks, had there been a 9th season. It's on the site, too. I hope I could connect the link to the words "200th episode here" successfully.

So the 30th "Dadiversary" is in October; it's just after the Homecoming dance which has the month stated. But, nobody said 30 years to the day and Becky's quip ("That's not a thing") not only could be saying there's no such thing as a Dadiversary but may very well lampshade the fact it's not the actual date. So, don't worry, those who follow the calendar like the ones who urged us to do the Chronology - they 8are* following the calendar. These people know what they're doing.

The person who brought an alligator into the veterinarian's office... not so much.

Wouldn't most people take one to a wildlife refuge? Or even the zoo?

Then again, I wouldn't want to have an alligator in my vehicle for long either, so if it crawled out of the sewer and they were closest...okay, it makes sense.

Oh, no, I'm thinking like a Gibbler again.

Yes, Jesse Katsopolis as the '80s version of the Fonz! We all saw the resemblance in the first few seasons as he grew as a character, how sweet it was to see him pull one of those signature Fonz moves - on a vending machine, but same difference.

And, yes, Happy Days took place in the '50s and '60s, but aired till 1984, and since the Fonz made songs from 2-5 years after the date the episode took place come out of that jukebox, the time-space continuum is so messed up anyway that the Fonz at an '80s-theme party fits right in.

And thankfully, I didn't even have to go Gibbler Style to do that one... though maybe a bit of Back to the Future. Which is another '80s theme...oh, oh, and they went back to 1955! So, yes! Jesse as the Fonz works 2 ways!

Told you I was as corny as Danny.

So, if there's a season 4...

No Matt, except maybe once as a business rival, no CJ, but possibly Rose as just a classmate, as CJ can be over the whole Steve thing especially as she wonders whether she'd have wanted to move to LA for 6 months)

It would take place starting late July at the earliest if they want to have Steph with a newborn (NBA season starts in mid-October)

Joey would be back with his wife by then and not on that cruise ship, leaving only fan fiction writers to wonder what happened during those months with Joey and his kids tehre...

...or, maybe they tricked Dakota into having her mom watch them, thus driving her crazy and forcing her to take back the reins and not let her daughter be so demanding, or even forcing Dakota to stop being so demanding and just give the reins over to someone else. That's how I'd do it if I were them.

Yeah, I know...I'm sneaky. But that would be priceless!

And just might be D.J.'s best use of the tanner-Fuller magic yet. She could be pretty sneaky, too, from an early age.

Danny and Vicki can get married now, and have a real uneventful wedding after a while. Of course, that means it could wind up not even needing an episode. Then again, nothing seems to be uneventful with this family. Er, families.

Would Danny *really* be living there? For how long? My guess is, not very. But, who knows. It would seem weird to have him as a regular cast member in season 4, though.

Then gain, maybe Vicki moved back and Danny wouls just move in with her once they married. Which I find myself hoping happens.

Tommy needing a speech therapist might never be mentioned again, becaust it might not be a long term thing. I mean, Steph clearly didn't have a lisp by age 5.5 when "Full House" started, and especially back then, did they really hire speech therapists before Kindergarten?

then again, she was reading at 4 and one could argue so verbal that they were worried it would become a habit. So, yeah, maybe it was far enough behind her other skills she had one for a year. Still, not likely to be mentioned again.

A bigger sign of his needing one and D.J. just realizing/ Babies in a house with lots of talkers are usually more verbal, or at least verbal much more quickly, because they have so much more to copy. And, Tommy had turned 2 by that point so there could easily be signs that a teacher would pick up on who was experienced int hat area.

In fact, the vast number of other people who would be helping make it even more plausible D.J. wouldn't catch a delay, as would the fact she as a parent could always tell herself "boys are just normally less verbal than girls" and comparing him to herself rather than to his brothers at that age. So that fact D.J. could miss a slight delay is very plausible.

As for Michelle, I had to make that guess, but i said it was crazy and Kimmy was the likely surrogate. But, if it's after Steph gives birth that the season starts they can go for mentioning her being at the birth; or the previous Thanksgiving or Christmas. Just 1-2 mentions of the character is enough, though I keep saying she should be "there but not on screen" once. In my season 9 episodes I said that's how they should have done Jesse, thus not having to end depiste his not returning.

But, I'm the same one who said Melina should have been the character the other Olsen Twin would have played starting in season 6 when they wanted to split them up, thus ending the whole problem before it started. Sometimes Hollywood people just don't think outside the box enough.

Oh, well, they've done some good things and made some grat references to the past while havinga fun new show, and I hope it continues. Those are my thoughts - any others?

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Re: Season 3.5 comments

Post by Mr. Woodchuck »

I still say bring back Matt and CJ and have them become a couple. Throughout all the years, Jeff Franklin has found a way to make the characters forgive each other and not be vengeful. This would be one way the "Tanner Fuller magic" can happen without anyone feeling vengeful. They don't have to be main characters either, just occur every now and then (Matt and CJ that is).

Not sure how I feel about Stephanie having a kid... Its awkward if she isn't married and goes against the original family they had set forth in the first show, but then again, so did Pamela.

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Re: Season 3.5 comments

Post by ILoveFullHouse »

There should be a season 4 because we still have unanswered questions. Will everything work fine with Kimmy’s pregnancy and the birth? Will DJ’s and Steve’s long-distance relationship work? Will Danny and Vicki become a couple again, will they even marry? How will it work with Danny back in the house? ;)
I think it’s just wonderful that Kimmy gets Steph’s baby. I can understand that not everyone likes this. But as I said after season 2, Fuller House moves with the times, and I like it.
I like DJ and Steve as a couple again. I liked Steve more than Matt in this season, so it’s okay.
It was great to see Vicki again after so many years! :) I hope she and Danny become a couple again.
Tommy is obviously the male Michelle! :mrgreen:
So are Jackson and Rocki a couple, or are they not? If they are not a couple yet, they should become it. ;)
Steph's song at the end was just wonderful. :)
So far my first thoughts about season 3 (or 3.5), maybe more later.

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that."

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Re: Season 3.5 comments

Post by Owlnut 1974 »

I thought Tommy was the male Michelle, too. He even said her catchphrase, "You got it, Dude." Maybe he will also be part Joey even though Joey is not related by blood. Jackson is DJ/Jesse. Max is Stephanie/Danny. So, it would make sense for Tommy to be Michelle/Joey.

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Re: Season 3.5 comments

Post by Soy.lor.n »

How old is Tommy supposed to be? At the beginning of the episode I was just thinking about how impressive his language skills were, already putting a few words together at what I assumed was around 30 months. As a parent of a kid with an actual speech delay, I had a problem with that episode. Just seems like it will make a lot of parents worried about kids who are totally average or even ahead in their speech.

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Re: Season 3.5 comments

Post by Mr. Woodchuck »

Owlnut 1974 wrote:
Thu Dec 28, 2017 2:18 pm
I thought Tommy was the male Michelle, too. He even said her catchphrase, "You got it, Dude." Maybe he will also be part Joey even though Joey is not related by blood. Jackson is DJ/Jesse. Max is Stephanie/Danny. So, it would make sense for Tommy to be Michelle/Joey.
I have no idea where you arrived at these concepts. I see it as position per position.

Stephanie = Jesse (cool aunt/uncle, music)

Kimmy = Joey (goofball)

DJ = Danny (one in charge, neat freak for obvious reasons)

I think the symbolism is stronger here.

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Re: Season 3.5 comments

Post by Owlnut 1974 »

See Jackson is like DJ he's the oldest kid like she was. He is a little rebellious and girl-crazy like Jesse.
Max is the middle kid like Stephanie, but like Danny, he likes to be clean.

Tommy, like Michelle, is the baby. But last season, when DJ, was potty-training him, he did say "You got it, dude." He's still young, so we don't really know his personality yet. Since his brothers have characteristics of Jesse and Danny, I hope Joey doesn't get left out.

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