Living in or moving out during renovation (Part one)

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Living in or moving out during renovation (Part one)

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Deciding you’d rather renovate your house than sell it and move somewhere new is not the only decision you have to make. Once you know you’ll be keeping your home, you still have to figure out how you will survive while part of your home is out of commission during remodel. Depending on how extensive the construction is and how much of the home will be affected, you’ll need to consider whether living in your home will be cheaper than getting a hotel or condo so work can move forward uninhibited.

Construction spillover

The Smiths, a family of eight, chose to remain in town during their home remodel. It included the addition of 400 square feet to both the upper and lower floors, allowing for the creation of a family room, a new dining area, and an enlarged kitchen. Of course, they tried to keep the construction contained in that part of the house, but bits of mess would still spill over into the rest of the house. Plus, there was the challenge of keeping her small children out of the way. When the project started, the youngest of their six was 7 months old.

Moving out expedites, could be more expensive

Deciding whether to live in or move out has to do with how expedited the work could be if you were removed from the scene and how expensive other accommodations might be. Ann Robinson and Annie V. Schwemmer, interior design writers for the Deseret News, said, “Many families stay in their homes during a remodel. One common reason is the budget.” Moving out could allow the contractors to complete their work more quickly, and thus more cheaply, but a temporary apartment could eat away at those savings.

Smiths stay home

“I thought about this so much,” Tiffany Smith said. Now that the reno’s over, she still isn’t sure what would have been better. “Would it cost more to stay, or is it cheaper to move out? Honestly, I still don’t know.” They decided to stay though because of the hassle of uprooting everyone. “Even though it was a weird construction phase, the kids were sleeping in their own beds,” which Smith described as the only “constant” during their lives over the course of that year.

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Re: Living in or moving out during renovation (Part one)

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