Season 4 musings - a couple spoiler warnings

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Season 4 musings - a couple spoiler warnings

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Another season is in the books. Here are some thoughts on Season 4...

The Christmas episode was one of the best, though it would have been nicer to see more of Tommy Sr. what we saw was really nice in that home video.Great connection to the Christmas gifts.

Danny, Becky,and Jesse visiting Michelle in ep. 1; okay, good, some mention of Michelle (a bit more later with the prom), and as I said they might just do that and we can figure she was there for Thanksgiving or something, it makes sense.

Another guess that made sense, though I personally didn't guess it... Those who had Joey during a prank war as the reason Max was purple in that Instagram pic may pick up their prizes at the ticket window :-)

Oh, Magenta... great play on D.J.'s Oh, Mylanta when she sees that.

On the other hand...a number of people thought Matt might get together with C.J., but to see him with Gia is just weird.

Then again, she did seem like the Kathy Santoni type, so to see her with any single guy isn't that weird.

Wait... is it just me, or was there never a mention of D.J. as 4th grade class president in the TV series. And yet, there is in books. Meaning the BU is incorporated as part of the general Tanner-Fuller group of universes! With of course numerous books as TVU canton. (As opposed to NetU) Not that it wasn't unofficially already, but that is really cool to see.

You know, Jimmy's right - nachos are funny. Well, at least the name is. "Can I have some?" "Nachos!"

Maybe it helps to say it like Arnold from Diff'rent Strokes. " You want some of my chips? Whatchu tallkin; about? Not 'chos, Willis!"

Speaking of long ago shows,it was fun to see Charlie's Angels. D.J. and Steph apparently loved mystery shows, too, given reference to Simon and Simon in an early Full House ep. as well s her love for the Angels here. A few other '70s performers and references, too, in that episode.

The episode itself was like a lot of the first half of the season; not lots of falling down laughing, but some memorable one-liners and mistakes and mishalps just like a typical sitcom of that era. Workmanlike is a good term - very steady, enjoyable scenes, not a huge laugh parade but consistently good.

Then, episode 7, the music battle between Steph and Suddzy the clown at the kids' birthday party and other stuff, with D.j> and C.J. making up, and Max and Rose making up, too, was great. Might be my favorite episode, though there were several really good ones.

Ramona trying to keep Jackson from drinking at the party (from what we're told) was great, ad while he did drink, we saw her being responsible. Ramona showed she has some of D.J.s good choices rubbing off on her - which we figured D.J. would have to have been some help for Kimmy.

Yet also Kimmy's awkward way of shocking a person straight appears - Ramona's "I can't believe you ran around the party naked" probably made Jackson think, too. Ramona says to his shocked reaction that he didn't actually do that "'only because I stopped you." Quite possible that he didn't think of doing that, but Ramona wanted him to think he did.

Does California have football in the winter?

Come to think of it, given D.J.'s dislike of football with all the injuries, even with Jackson being a good kicker, why didn't they think of him playing soccer?

Of course, you don't have the ball hitting you directly on the head in soccer; there are actually a fair amount of concussions at the high school level and older. So, maybe being a placekicker is safer.

As hoped for, several references to Ramona's birth, keeping it consistent with fact of her being born in the back of a rental from the first season, because of Kimmy being pregnant again.

Also great references to D.J. not wanting Danny to teach Jackson to drive with hints of how anxious he was plus not wanting Steph due to her crashing Joey's car, then D.J. herself acting like Danny did. (Also Fernando offers and she notes he's been in 8 races - and crashed 9 times.) Eventually Steve does and there's good bonding time.

The Chronicle a Batman villain name, LOL! Say it in a menacing way, it almost doses sound a bit like one...

Steve's story about losing to this guy with a green hue who worked in a pesto factory was as corny as Danny's. He's got what it takes to be a Full House dad. :-)

So, Steph would open not only the family presents but the neighbors' before Christmas - Kimmy's astronaut Barbie had already flown 3 missions, she says. Makes sense.

Jimmy thought Nepal was pronounced nipple - and learned this the hard way. Yep, he's a Gibbler.

That clown Steph battled in episode 7 at the kids' party said he came from a long line of drunks, hence the name Suddsy. Jimmy said he was his hero - and his dad's sponsor. We never heard about Kimmy's dad having a drinking problem, so it could be before the kids were born, or who knows, maybe he sponsored Mr. Gibbler to clown school...

...just like Garth, come to think of it, went to clown school.

Of course, Kimmy was accused by Ramona of meddling and said she never medaled though she won 4th in Olympic bobsled - surely some school competition, though she start with a joke about Lillehammer which Ramona interrupts. Lillehammer was in 1994 and Kimmy wouldn't have been a waitress there, so it was clearly a joke.

Just like what Ramona mentions a moment later how Kimmy once dressed as a rapper by showing up at school with a clock around her neck. Wait...that might have been an episode, I just don't recall the clock because the rest was so silly.

No,and I don't really want to know why Kimmy would think a rapper would wear a clock around their neck.

Nice to see the newspaper gave a write-up of when Kimmy went to the Nutcracker and was the rat king - the paper said it was "a performance that will haunt them forever."

Steph's still got that arm from her pitching career as a kid playing dodgeball - which they play mixing it with pro wrestling. Is that a thing?

So, Kimmy tries to set Ramona up with an intern at her planning business, a 17YO boy who happens to be gay, and he and Ramona get along as friends and he helps her see how great it is that she's in a home where she's accepted and encouraged. Seems like they did a super job including a gay character without going overboard, just making it seem natural. Oh, and he takes her to the prom. Good thing, because D.J. may have gone to prom in 10th with Steve, but Ramona's just in 9th.However, they are just going as friends, which is good; you don't have to have a date to have fun at the prom.

Oh, and Jackson invites Gia's girl Rocki to it dressed as a gorilla (primate=prom mate) So, I guess it's pretty much open to anyone 9-12. However corny the invite is. :-)

And...we have a girl. No, Mmchelle didn't show up, but the baby was 3 weeks or so early, though at least this time Kimmy got to the hospital from watching Hamilton and everyone managed to get there in time except Steve who was at the airport - so apparently he hadn't totally quit his job. So, if Michelle's across the country of course she wasn't going to get there.

Oh, and Jimmy proposed to Stephanie at the end.

Some overall thoughts.

If Steph and Jimmy marry, if there's a season 5, they have to recast Michelel; no way she misses that wedding, and I don't think they can pull off having her "always there but never on camera" for it.

Wait... I just realized they never named the baby. Another possible reason for them to have a seson 5.

Jeff Franklin left before it was fully taped and perhaps before it was fully written. I wonder if the writers were more workmanlike, as I call it, in the first half and then became a little bolder later, or if it was mostlyw ritten.

No Vicki, rats. But, she could have been there off screen, nd maybe Danny's a bit shy about trying to get too serious too fast now.

Also no Joey's kids - but his wife was supposed to be gone for 6 months. Where did they find a sitter?

Okay, maybe they conned Gia into it once - her and Rocki dealing with them would be funny. Or, maybe the dream matchup of them versus Rusty.

Or, maybe his wife just came back early.

That episode with Max missing his dad around Christmas was wonderful - that's how grief works, too, just shows up all of a sudden, especially with kids.

They said it'd focus a bit more on the adults and they did, but they did it well. And there was still plenty for the kids to do.

Tommy still doesn't talk much, but it's only a few months after the last episode of season 3, so it makes sense.

I will add more if I think of them,, but there is the main bit.

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Re: Season 4 musings - a couple spoiler warnings

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I'm halfway through the season now, and loved the easter egg on the Charlie's Angels episode. Anyone noticed the name of the ship they were on, SS Papouli?

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Re: Season 4 musings - a couple spoiler warnings

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Full House Forever wrote:
Sat Dec 15, 2018 4:25 pm
I'm halfway through the season now, and loved the easter egg on the Charlie's Angels episode. Anyone noticed the name of the ship they were on, SS Papouli?
I did. ;)
My thoughts about season 4:
The first episode was very touching. Max missed his dad, and then we've seen finally Tommy sr. :( :)
The musical number in episode 2 was a highlight.
Danny shouldn’t live alone. I still have hope for Danny and Vicki.
Kimmy and Steph fighting for Ramona in episode 4 was great.
Matt and Gia being a couple is interesting. ;)
Rose was great. Too bad she was just in one episode.
We had more guest appearances of Danny, Joey, Jesse and Becky in this season, hadn't we?
Too bad Rocki broke up with Jackson. But I have a feeling they could be a couple again. ;)
Finally, Steph is a mother! :) Thanks to Kimmy. ;)
There are a lot of reasons for a season 5. A possible wedding of Steph and Jimmy. Jackson and Rocki being a couple again. Maybe Danny and Vicki. And of course many other reasons. ;)

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Re: Season 4 musings - a couple spoiler warnings

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I think Stephanie should name her baby, Dawn. She liked the name and wanted to change her name to Dawn when she was Max's age.

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