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Some thoughts before Season 5 and on finales in general

Posted: Sat Jun 15, 2019 11:23 pm
by dtf955
Via Instagram, sounds like we might get 18 episodes this season. Good to see - enough room to close every story arc.

Someone said they heard Becky would be there but not on screen at times, but that's the way a lot of the "Full House adults have been anyway save for 1-2 episodes apiece.

Of course, they could also explain her absence if Michelle has a difficult pregnancy or a newborn and she is help with that.

In fact, they could use that to explain her absence if she ends up unable to come to any wedding that might happen. It lets Becky be there with her while others are helping with their own weddings. And given time off screen we don't see, it could be they fly to see her at times; but they dont have the mone she would so they can't that much.

Okay, I just provided an easy out, but thinking about it, it would make lots of sense; and Stephanie had her baby suddenly - 3 weeks early - which meant Michelle couldn't get there in time.

Okay, Kimmy had Stephanie's baby, but you know what I mean.

A great end awould be for them all to go running out of the house to greet Michelle as she is just pulling up. That's how I would write it if she can't be tehre.

This got me thinking about other great sicoms I've loved. I suspect this will be much like Barney Miller, where they wrapped it up with everyone getting something good/something they've dreamed of. Maybe a bit of The Cosby Show's graduation of Theo, too.

The last series finale of anythign I saaw was maybe 20 years ago now; shows how little TV I watch anymore. Even on Netflix. Although I saw on Instagram one of the Fine Brothers' React kids is going to be in one called Family RFeunion which looks funny, coming to Netflix in July. I may try it out when I get Netflix for the final Fuller House season.

Will I be tempted to then write a crossover? It's possible, I've always enjoyed writin, and if ideas come to me, who knows.

Am I the only one who never really saw finales as such? I mean, peoples' lives don't end just because they lose their jobs like with the Mary Tyler Moore one. Although I was young enough then (7.5) I didn't ponder much what their lives were like afterward because I didn't know much about jobs, etc. myself.

It's funny how maany shows I just dropped becasue of increasing schoolwork and playing more with friends, etc.. Was M*A*S*H the next series finale I watched? I think so.

No, AfterMASH is not canon in my mind. Actually there are at least 2 M*A*S*H timelines anyway due to Chjarles coming before '51 in one episode, so in one everyone from the finale was there by December 31, 1950. Here's how ... -Blessings Henry gets home early and safe in my mind, if anyone wonders.

I enjoyed M*A*S*H a lot mroe as a kid for some reason than now, likely becasue back then I just loved the medical stuff since several in my family were doctors or nurses.

Oh, wait, this is on Fuller House, isn't it? Sorry, brain wandering.

Fans will still imgine what happens after, I'm sure, just like I envisioned with other sitcoms that were among my favorites. And with we can create all sorts of good ideas for how. Indeed, I have a whole 11 or so season 9 episodes of FUll House for how I'd have done it including a true series finale. ... ies-finale

I mentioned writing above, but I'm not doing much anymore, except for Print On Demand books I'm workign on. Still, if the ideas come, I might do a Fuller House one off of what we see of Sesaon 5.

Enough rambling, time to go get somethign to eat. And consider TV has changed so much from 40+ years ago. I wonder what the first fan fiction of aa TV show was. I know there was a Hogan's Heroes fanine with some in the '90s.

Then again, few people are reading magazines at all anymore. Who knows what the next iteration will be of shows.

I'm just wondering if there's enough fan demand, Candace will create "Fullest House in 20 years, with Max as the lead. Or will we just keep putting it off with Even Fuller House, Even Fuller House Than Before, Much Fulelr HOuse, Much Much..., you get the idea. :lol:

If so, like when I created the TVU and then Fuller House caused me to call it NetU, I'll just have to come up with another abbreviation to go with those and BU (Book Universe).