Steve as a doctor? Not *that* out of the realm of possibility

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Steve as a doctor? Not *that* out of the realm of possibility

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I was surprised when Steve was revealed to be a doctor. I don't know how many others were. It's not that he wasn't a nice guy who'd have a good job - we had him in the Chronology doing what I first envisioned - doing a great job as a business owner taking over Nick's extermination business in the Chronology.

So, I was adding a few things and decided to do a search. I found this article ... rgrad-gpa/ on a guy with a 2.75 GPA who was kind of aimless in school, got out of school, got a job as a trainer in fact (which I can imagine Steve doing, too), and only later realized he wanted to be a doctor. This guy didn't have a 2.75 high school GPA ((which I figure Steve likely had, but with science grade high he might have done it with the community college boost.) The guy in the article had a 2.75 *college* GPA.

I knew about how hard it was, as shown here ... ool-grades, from having 2 cousins who are now doctors. However, the 2nd article's quote - needing much higher resolve and much higher work ethic - could well apply to Steve.

After all, when he didn't hit it off with D.J. at the prom - when they didn't kiss, as I say, a nod to "Back to the Future" and the point of departure that would have kept Marty from being born - he needed something to fuel his fire, and maybe even to feel like he'd proven himself worthy of D.J.. Combine that with his likely attitude as a high school athlete of giving his all no matter what, he could well develop that, with medical schools seeing good science grades (though not great) and mediocre otherwise in high school, better in community college, then in college an increasingly excellent effort and results which show he's on some sort of upward spiral that lets one accept him. It won't be Stanford, but it could be a smaller school.

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