Did they add another floor to the house?

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Did they add another floor to the house?

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So in the first episode of the 5th season, the kids find out that there's an attic under the roof, where the stairs end. I always thought the attic was where Jesse and Becky lived on Full House and Kimmy and Fernando on Fuller House. But the kids were in a room we haven't seen before and that seems to be closer to the roof than the attic we knew.

So did they add another floor to the house, and if so, where would the stairs be that lead there, as the room on the top floor always seemed to be where the stairs ended...

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Re: Did they add another floor to the house?

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Danny was cleaning out the "attic" in I believe season 4 after Jesse and Beckhy move in, aned it seems to imly that there was something above that attic. The attic apartment is 1300 square feet (mentioned in 1 episode) and this attic seemed smaller, I thought.

So, it's there, I don't think it's added on (though there is a house in my neighborhood that I think added a third story some years back, but it's for bedrooms, I suspect, as there's a roof above it.)

As to the stairs, I not sure if it works to say the steps are along the unseen wall or not.

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