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Season 5.5 spoilers

Post by dtf955 »

Spoilers and thoughts on season 5.5.

Don't read further unless you want spoilers - well, or you've watched the episodes.

Countdown in 5...4...3...2.

Sorry if you're like Jimmy and get really anxious if I didn't say "1" :-) Anyway...

If I answer your big question first, will you please read the rest of these anyway? :-) Okay, no mention of Michelle not being there, and it's very easy to have her in the crowd, going back to the motel after the rehearsal dinner, etc.. The wedding is in the Tanner backyard, but there are enough seats and seting is rather confused, so yes, she could be there just off screen in wide angle shots, the focus is on the brides and grooms, after all. And, with a triple wedding,no bridesmaids (though they mentioned their existence in an early episode, they don't actually have them). So, we can easily figure she was there.

Becky wasn't at Thanksgiving becasue she was helping her mom back in Nebraska - okay, that was actually a different episode she's mentioned in, but it can easily cover both. Her mom would be anywhere from late 70s to early 90s, probably more toward the younger range. We also don't see her in the wedding but she could also be there but not on screen. Since no mention of her dad, it makes sense - for all we know, Becky's dad could have just passed away recently at that time.

Episode 10 has Kimmy's parents - Steph says she's never even met them. She and D.J. were dropped off there a time or two to be babysat, but Jesse only says he dropped the girls off at the Gibblers, so not impossible if Garth was babysitting those couple times.

But, who was raising Jimmy? The Gibblers were traveling the world and had never even met Ramona. Okay, weird, but possible with her, but Jimmy's supposed to be born in 1992. He confirms this when he says they got a lot of singing telegrams when they grew up... oh, yeah they couldn't make it. But, we did get to see them because Kimmy and Jimmy dressed up as their parents and acted like them. Kimmy the expected woman with a funny accent who sounds like she's from Hee Haw or something as expected, Jimmy as their dad not a hillbilly as much as a world traveler from about 1900 with a monocle, one of those hats like you'd imagine Teddy Roosevelt wearing on his trip to Africa, etc..

Yep, that's the Gibblers all right. And a singing telegram saying they can't make it. So, Joey and Kimmy talk and he'll walk her down the aisle. (They had met Fernando but didn't like him - but hadn't been to her first wedding either probably.) Jesse walks STeph down and Danny walks D.J.. So, again, it's a different setup than a normal wedding, easy to have Michelle there but not on screen or in a crowd shot but unidentified.

The inheritance from Grandpa Gibbler we came up with as the idea for how they got the house is still good to help, but I'm beginning to wonder if they lived elsewhere and trashed places in 5 years or less for fun and had more money than we thought. Or, maybe they got some inheritances that were bigger than we thought. They probably had enough for a regular sitter then once Jimmy was old enough, and just left for good when he was 7 or 8; perhaps they helped him on those photography excursions to other countries when her was younger. That actually fits in well. It also makes sense that Kimmy spends all her time over there, they come back and spend a little time there when Jimmy's born but Kimmy still doesn't feel real close to them, then they just leave - maybe with Jimmy - later. Yeah, it's possible to piece together.

Gibbler fashion is closed out on a high note. At the bridal fair, Kimmy wears a bird hat walking the aisle at the bridal expo, and a dress know those crazily big skirts you'd add on a dress in the 1800s? Imagine that on the top and bottom and what was Kimmy. And in tux fitting - Steve looked like James Bond, according to the woman at the tux fitting place, Fernando like James Bond's tax-preparer, and Jimmy... like James Bond's grandmother's curtains. But they get pretty normal by the wedding. We also learn Kimmy was wearing her classic bacon nd eggs scarves as far back as 3rd grade when DjJ. sat with her on the bus to Fisherman's Wharf on a field trip. Nice touch to show the growing from friends who met in Kindergafrten to best friends by 4th, a year before "Full House" begins, when they move next door.

Wow, Jackson can sing really well! He does "To Dream the Impossible Dream" at a bridal expo and gets the lead part in a musical. We also learn Steve loves chess and is pretty good at it - on Max's level anyway, and Max is good for 1n 11-year-old who has been playing it for quite a bit.

Good to see the characters rounded out, as we also see Ramona may go to a college in the East, though she did like the idea of being a CU Cub, and Kimmy realizes it's just nice to be able to let her live her dreams, and D.J. accepts that Jackson doesn't have to go to college to have a great education - he does this thing with figuring out lasers as D.J. is trying to take back the golden cap from the rival sorority while avoiding them - you'll see - and realizes he really wants to work with computers for a living. And, there's a very prestigious computer coding program right in San Francisco. So, he'll be close anyway, and is very good with computers.

Oh, and Max skips 5th grade and gets into 6th right away. He does seem smart enough, but he's 11 which is when you usually start 6th; then California has December 1 as the cutoff date... it's confusing.

I thought I remembered Max was in 2nd grade in 2015-16 when the first seasonaired, but he *could* have been in 1st andthey just retconned it.

I keep wanting to mention the mentions of previous episodes and characters who wind up coming from Full House, but there are too many to name, and too many situations to name that are similar to "Full House" episodes; including Tommy Jr. getting to say "There's a car in the kitchen." Yeah, but at least Steph can drive this time. She just shifts into the wrong gear.

Ramona's middle name is Beatrice. Quite Gibblerish. She also comes from a long line of food eating contest champs; Kimm did win a pie eating contest once (so that counts as a "Full House" mention), and Fernando is good, too, but she represented Uncle Monty's and won back a trophy that someone had won from Uncle Monty in his last years. Yeah, a bit surprising it wasn't Steve, but the guy Ramona defeated in it did weigh 300 pounds. A great "women can do anything" moment.

Steph's music career is going well, she's just back from touring with Lisa Loeb in episode 15. It's great to see her succeed at it. I figured she had to have been doing some stuff; D.j. said she spent any money she'd saved for college "drinking through Portugal" but that was surely ahn exaggeration - just going there and doing stuff is enough, adn as noted, she had to have gotten money from doing something. But, this is the first time she's done her own songs except for maybe a few little ones, then she'd likely have mostly done others. Exaggerations like this are likely, I said in the beginning with the Chronology, sometimes your TV pen pal telling these stories tells jokes, because the real universe operates in a set way. Although at least nobody violated the laws of physics. :-)

Speaking of schools, D.J. went to California University - a fictional school located in the area; there is also one in Beverly Hills 90210 but this is a different one. (There is a real one called that in Pennsylvania but it's obviously way out east from them.)

Jimmy reminds me of Peppermint Patty when she would wake up to answer a question by throwing words around - to "Who was your fiance's first celebrity crush" he guesses "Charles in Charge" and then when Steph holds up her answer (Max is host, Ramona the announcer, Jackson runs the camera/ipad) Jimmy spouts "Growing Paints, Toast, The St. Louis Arch!"

The Thanksgiving episode is also very funny; it's episode 12 but episode 13 is a bit before that, and episode 14 is the first day of school. Nice to see them continue another tradition of having episodes that don't necessarily occur in order. :-) Although maybe that was more common on older sitcoms than I think. I know commercials were - and one of the boys remarks about how weird the idea of commercials in a TV show are during that Newlywed Game sppof they do for the nearly wed ladies and gents.

While Steph's first crush was Tommy Page, theoretically could still be right that she considered Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block her first celebrity crush - because she knew it wasn't a real crush or something.

Great to see each wear somethign of Pam's as the "something borrowed" - at first, Steph wanted to, then didn't want to becasue she felt like she didn't remember Pam except from pictures and stories D.J. told, but they the ladies go to a malt shop where a girl is heard ordering what Steph remembers always ordering when Pam would take her there after dance class. So, she decides to wear something of Pam's and the others do, too. Lots of other fun memories from the attic above the attic apartment as well as elsewhere int he series, as noted.

Hey, they got it right when they said Pam died when Steph was 5. They did that math thing again with "5 years ago" at the end which I mentioned earlier, but this wasn't so bad; it's over 4.5 so by this time, you round it up and you get 5.

In the end, a miracle - Steph is pregnant! And they all end up moving back in. Palo Alto, where Fernando will run the 2nd Uncle Monty's openign up, isn't that far, especially if as some say it's a suburb because of how some people say a city when they mean that city and surrounding suburbs. Though that could be a Midwestern thing.)

Final thoughts:

If they weren';t going to have Michelle, not excusing her but just making sure they did it in a way where she could easily be there yet not on screen - or there but in crowd shots - was best. Becky wouldn't even have to make the wedding, but it would be good if she did. However, it was more important that Michelle be there or have a really good excuse not to be - in the end, they couldn't find one and chose to work the entire leadup and wedding so she could be said to be there. Actually, they know they're going to have Jackson sing at the wedding and then we don't see that , either. With TV characters, sometimes you watch by faith and not by sight. As I've always said, it's not like a book where you definitely are told about each major character and many minor ones.

They brought back so many people - some oddly, I don't know why Duane would be at the wedding for instance, but I heard a "whatever." Some were "auditioning" to officiate, and others appeared a bit earlier int he series.

WE don't know when exactly the wedding was, but I'd presume over Christmas break - close enough to the Thanksgiving one, still time for thigns to be all arranged, and it doesn't snow in San Francisco, so an outdoor one is possi ble. Yet far enough from Thanksgiving that nobody's going crazy with last minute panning.

Although weirdly, that episode *could* take place after the finale, but I'm not going to do that to the calendar. :-)

Danielle eats her "first solid food" - purred pumpkin pie - at Thanksgiving. We figured she was born in February, but you could probably make it March or Paril, and with her 3 weeks premature it makes sense that she'd be a bit late in that, so it works out well.

Bringing Pam back as part of it through the wedding outfits and the "borrowed" part was fabulous. They always did such a great job of honorign the deceased parent in the show.

They also loved to include family of cast members. Elias Harger's younger brother played his younger self in a home video earlier, and now his sister appeared - I'm pretty sure as the girl ordering what Steph always ordered as a little girl - in the next to last episode. What a great cast they always had.

I wonder if part of the reason they decided to stay was becasue they couldn't think of how to end without a group hug. :-)

Speaking of group hugs, but first who to end like that to my knowledge was The Mary Tyler Moore Show, they all walk out in a group hug singing "It's A Long, Long Way to Tipperary" - well, technically it ends with Mary turning out the lights a moment later, but still... That was the first sitcom I watched regularly in the early to middle '70s, and it's kind of fitting that I thought of that a bit as they closed with D.J. saying goodbye to them and walking back into the empty living room; before Steph and Kimmy and families came back in.

All in all, it was a great run. The way handled everything was very good, and Danny says 2 of his 3 girls are getting married, so Michelle is still around, and with no mention of her, it's easy to say she's there. And, they tied up all the loose ends. Congratulations to the writers on a great season and series.

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Re: Season 5.5 spoilers

Post by Mr. Woodchuck »

Personally, I expected better. This missed a lot of things.

Say what you want about the wedding but its a shame both Michele and Aunt Becky weren't there, especially Becky. Jesse was sitting early on with the guys before they walked the girls down and there's no reason Becky wouldn't be there next to her husband, especially when she's said in the past, "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

I also feel Tommy and Danielle were so under regarded in the episodes. What made the original series great was the kids- a piece of that is gone here. I was waiting and waiting for Tommy to have his big show but it never happened. In Full House, Michelle had a huge part.

I love how this series started but don't really like the ending. It would have made sense if they all did split up considering the series is finished.

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Re: Season 5.5 spoilers

Post by ILoveFullHouse »

I just finished watching the last episode and I'm so sad that it is now all over! :( On the other hand I'm so happy. The last episode have been just magical! :) By the way it was the only episode of Fuller House who had the background music which was so typical for Full House.
Some thoughts about the final episodes: I also was surprised to hear that Steph never met Mr. and Mrs. Gibbler. I hardly can believe it.
There have been many nostalgic moments, many memories of Full House episodes. The highlight of course: There’s a car in the kitchen! :D
I also loved the story in episode 14 about Max should be himself.
I was very happy to see Vicki at the wedding! And Rose has grown up! :o
Fuller House was a great spin off! :) Maybe it didn’t have the magic of Full House, but still it was great. And it had very good child actors.
One question I ask myself: Will there be another spin off in 10-20 years? ;) What do you think?

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Re: Season 5.5 spoilers

Post by Full House Forever »

I finished watching the final episodes yesterday evening.

Although it saddens me the series is over now, it was a nice ending. Kimmy and Stephanie not moving away, was as expected. Yes, it would have added weight to the series ending if they did leave, but then again, Full(er) House was about family and friends living together, so I think this is the only way this could have played out in the spirit of the show.

Stephanie crashing the kitchen again was foreshadowed of course, when Jesse mentioned it in an earlier episode. And is was a nice twist to have Tommy saying Michelles lines from the first time this happened.

In the first episode I briefly had my hopes up for finally seeing mr. and mrs. Gibbler, but they remain those mysterious people that we only get to know through the memories of Kimmy and Jimmy. It surprises me though that Stephanie has never met them. Also, why did they never mention their other brother Garth? He was on Full House once, but I don't recall him ever being mentioned ever since. I loved the scene between Joey and Kimmy and the fact that he gave her away at the wedding.

As to the focus being less on the kids on the show than on Full House, I think the premise stays the same. Full House was about Danny's daughters growing up and logically, Fuller House is about Danny's daughters (minus one) being grown up and raising their own families.

As to the final episode: it's a shame they didn't at least mention Becky and Michelle. It's not like Becky to not show up at the wedding, even if she has other business to take care of. They could have solved it with Jesse saying he's going to check on Becky at some point, just to point out that she's there, although not on screen. The same goes for Michelle. In the final scene, Danny could have mentioned he couldn't believe Michelle had to leave so soon, but he was glad she was there or something. It was good to see some other familiar faces though, like Derek (Michelle's friend did come back, while she didn't :D), Vicky, Viper, Duane and I think I also saw Stepahnies childhood husband Harry amongst the audience.

Speaking of Michelle, it was a great wink at the Olsen twins, when Kimmy said that at this point it was too late for Michelle to come back for her bicycle :D.

Some points that I think would have been better, are that every episode seemed to be focused on the weddings. I'd rather had some more stand alone episodes. And the pregnancy that was thrown into the game in the dying seconds of the show really bothers me. For five seasons Stephanie couldn't get pregnant and the only way for her to become a mother, was Kimmy carrying the baby for her. And then, all of a sudden she is pregnant herself. That came out of nowhere, without any build-up or explanation (other than DJ calling it a miracle) and imo downplays the whole storyline of Kimmy being the surrogate mother of her baby. And where was Jesse in the final scene?

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Re: Season 5.5 spoilers

Post by dtf955 »

Sorry to jump in a bit late here...

I think Jesse not being in the final scene adds credence to Becky's mom passing away; that's why I wrote it that way in ... iwKKTF4RxP my story on the wedding and Mic helle's role in it. (I don't know if this link works or not, opefully it links to the words and doesn't just paste a huge link.)

Yeah, miracles happen, doctors can be wrong, but to have it happen right at the end was odd. Talk about a place to put a stand-alone episode, why not that? It'd be like, "Okay, okay, we've got some great possibilities, but you know what, we've grown closer as friends and now we can have a whole new reason for being friends."It could have even been part of the college tour episode, with Stephanie getting those tests while Kimmy is trying to block out the idea and having fun. That would have been a great B story that then grows to an A story later int he episode, since Steph's not doing the college tour.

I was reminded of the possibility that Michelle could have had continued memory problems causing her to miss stuff like the wedding, but dismissed it. I think having her there but off screen makes a lot more sense, and then just having a busy life otherwise. While you culd understand them not wanting to bring it up since they know it's rough, there are too many holes in that theory:

1. This came to mind becasue of discussion with a friend of a teacher in my school system for many years who I had once. Okay, she functioned well despite some obvious issues that we decided could have been from head trauma as a child. However, would Michelle have been able to build her own fasion empire with such problems? Maybe, with all the reminders and technology you can have around yhou, but...

2. ...those also allow you to remember special dates and stuff. Sure, she might miss a few flights, but she's not flying commercial anyway with that empire.

3. The books that must be TV Universe. Even if those weren't there, the end of the episode shows no signs of cognitive impairment - this teacher would forget to assign homework, was okay with names but not great, and if memory serves mixed days up and stuff easily. (It was 35 years ago, but really, just forgetting to assign homework would not lead to kids wondering if she had dementia, so I know there was more.)

So, So, yes,there would be struggles which I go over in this story ... l-Together, but there was no lasting cognitive impairment, as I show here it was a normal severe concussion that she slowly recovered from.

Edit: Nope, sorry, I can't figure out how to link words from here. Maybe you can't. Oh, well, have fun reading.

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