The effect of Fuller House on older fan fiction stories

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The effect of Fuller House on older fan fiction stories

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No, there's no fan fictional story in this topic. But something was bothering me that I think might be worth a discussion here.

When I found out that my beloved show Full House had ended, which I only found out in 1998, I felt there were so many untold stories still to tell, that I started to make those stories up in the form of fan fiction. I've always treated those stories in a 'how could a new season have looked' kind of way, only did these stories start 3 years after the show ended. In 2012 I started rewriting the old fanfics. The reasosn behind this revision were that I wanted it to start at the same time a new season would have started, so 3 months and not 3 years after the final episode of Full House. Also, I wanted to write actual stories in stead of scripts and I felt some of the stories either didn't fit that timeline the way they were. Also, in hindsight some stories were written with the values I grew up with in the Netherlands, but wouldn't fit the values of the show.

Years have passed since I last (re)wrote a fanfic, but as I want to pick this up again, I have re-read the revised (and newly written) stories from 2012 and 2013 last week. One thing that got me thinking was that Fuller House has given us some information on the period between Full House and Fuller House and not all storylines would fit in. For example: I got D.J. and Steve back together and him even moving into the basement of the house. Continuing that story arc, would basically mean that I'd create a Full House universe of my own, which is okay to a certain point, as long as it does fit in with Full(er) House canon.

I haven't read any of the Full House related books, so all I know is the tv-universe and I want to stay loyal to the known world the creators of the show gave us. That means I now have 2 options: keep the written stories with D.J. and Steve together, but let them break up again, or rewrite them, without them being together. Steve might be a guest character then on the occasional episode, but as a good friend of D.J., and not as her boyfriend.

So that leads me to the discussion I started this topic with: woudl you rewrite existing fan fictional stories to make them fit in to canon set by Fuller House, or would you leave it be and ignore the information Fuller House gave us on the time between Full House and Fuller House?

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Re: The effect of Fuller House on older fan fiction stories

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Maybe it's the "Back to the Future" fan in me, but I'd just call it (as I have) a different universe, as it's easy for me to envision a multiverse.

Look at the different ones even within the show we know which I've done, only some of whcih are up here. I did a series of 5 fics in the Melina Universe(Michelle's cousin from "Greek Week" - an episode I will claim to my dying day was written with at least *someone* having the idea that it could let them split the twins when older, even if the show's producers never considered it heavily. Actually, the way this world is spiraling, it might be best to say "to my dying day or to the time I am Raptured :-) ). I think I sent you these stories.

I also did 3 stories in a universe where Jesse leaves after season 6 which almost happened. (I don't know if you have that.)

I've done individual ones on other Points of Departures, too, off the Elite Eight (original Full ouse seasons.) So, in my mind, your stories are good on their own, just figuring there was a ridiculously long way between episodes :-) )

But, if you need to do a re-write, I'd say have him be a guest star, but not just because of him, but because of the timing for Tommy, Sr.. If I recall, they starft a couple years after the series ends, so they're about where Tommy Sr. and D.J. would have met. While Jackson isn't born till around 2002, by your third season they could probbly be married, or close to it. (We don't know the exact date of that.)

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