The Full House Forum is finally back online!

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The Full House Forum is finally back online!

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It took some time, well, a very long time, but after almost a year of downtime, the forum is finally back online. For those who checked in on the forum even though it has been offline for so long, I'd thought a little explanation of what happened and why it took this long to fix it, is in place.

So, first: what happened?
Well, there was a technical issue with the forum software. I had to use an older version, because updating kept giving errors and a forum that was not functioning at all. This older version could run for a while, until the PHP software on the server, which the forum software needs to run properly, got outdated and replaced by a newer version. That version of PHP and the version of the forum software didn't match, so the forum was down from january 2021.

Early december, I was able to install a new version of the forum software from scratch. It took me some time however, to get it working with the old forum database, so with all the old posts restored.

Why it took so long to be fixed
There's a couple of reasons it took me some time to fix the problem.

Firstly, the board wasn't very active to begin with, so I was in doubt if fixing it would be worth while at all.

Then a lot happened in my life, which triggered a rollercoaster of events and emotions, which limited my time online and therefor I halted developing and maintaining my websites, such as Full House Forever, the Full House Forum and the other (ducth) sites I own.

Lastly, it took me (after I got some more free time to try to fix the forum) some time to find the fix. A new install of the forum software was the last thing I could try and well, it did get the software to work again, but the old forums and posts seemed lost. So today I made a final attempt to get it working again. If it didn't work, it would probably have meant the definitive end of the forum. My attempt however, was succesfull, so here we are again.

And how about the futur?
Well, I hope that in 2022, I will be able to update the website again. Hopefully, the forums will attract some more people who will post here, as addition to the website.

Also, there might still be some minor tweaks and changes here and there on the forum the next couple of days.

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